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Update October 26, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • After opening the game, you need to exit the game and open it again

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod is a simulation game, using Ragdoll physics. Role-play as a delivery man, with the task of delivering orders to many different locations. The game released by tinyBuild takes you into a world of fun. Experience a lot of activities going on, discover interesting challenges. Moreover, you can drive the cars, move on many roads to deliver the goods. You can even invite more friends to join this delivery job.

Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod – Complete Delivery Missions

The context opens in a large city of Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod. You will become a delivery officer of a shipping company. Can move freely, to every corner of the city without restriction. With the mission of delivering orders to customers as quickly as possible. The game uses Ragdoll physics, simulating the free activities of the characters in the game. During the mission, you can control the vehicle to move faster. Or join other online players, teaming up with them to complete missions quickly. Not only that, you have the opportunity to explore many places in the city. Experience delivery work, and travel to many beautiful places in the city.Download Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod

Dozens of levels, gradually increasing from easy to difficult

The mission of the Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod is extremely attractive. Divided into dozens of different levels. Each level offers its own unique experience, allowing you to enjoy exciting delivery challenges. Over time, the difficulty of the game will gradually increase in the next levels. At that time, more obstacles will appear, the delivery road will be longer. That helps you feel more interesting and not boring. If you want to overcome the challenge quickly, solo delivery is the way to go. Because you don’t have to wait for your friends, you can make the fastest sprints and get to a safe place.

Delivery with friends

In addition to delivering alone, you can invite friends to join you. Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod allows you to do delivery missions with many other online players. Requires high teamwork, clear division of tasks. That helps you to complete the task easily. Not only that, you can join your friends in other interesting games. Join them to enjoy the fun moments, discover the great things that the game brings.Game Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod

Lots of vehicles

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod provides you with a lot of vehicles to do delivery tasks. Each vehicle is designed with a unique design and color. For example, cars, planes, helicopters, rockets, canoes, etc., and many more. Even a fire extinguisher can be a vehicle, helping you to fly into the air. In particular, the vehicles all use ragdoll physics, helping you to perform interesting acrobatics.

Control mechanism

Controlling the character in Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod is not too difficult. It won’t take long for you to get used to it, because the control keys are not too complicated. The virtual joystick key is displayed in the left corner of the screen, you just need to touch and swipe to move the character. Similarly, the right side of the screen includes 4 virtual keys. The two icons below represent two left and right hands, helping you to hold and pick up items. The two symbols above represent the side acrobatics. Each time you fly into the air, you can use them to acrobatic left or right.Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod

Character customization

A highlight that is loved by many people is character customization. Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod allows you to change the appearance of your character. Divided into 3 main parts including hair, upper body, lower body. Each part has a lot of designs, helping you to design your own character. For example, hair, there are many types for you to style like an old man, a young man. Along with fashionable, uniquely designed outfits.

Graphic design, sound

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod uses cool ragdoll physics. Help players experience the rolling phase on the ground, jumping freely in the sky. Combined with sharp 3D graphics, along with bright picture quality. In particular, the character design is in the style of a doll, creating a feeling of intimacy and friendliness. The vehicles are depicted very nicely, with interesting designs. Besides, the sound quality is shown through the lively background music. They are played throughout the gameplay, with fun melodies shown through each scene.Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Mod’s capacity is quite heavy. The tinyBuild developer recommends that players use a device with at least 3GB of Ram. During the game, you cannot change the settings or options that are already set. Therefore, the game is quite heavy for low-configuration machines.

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