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You cannot upgrade the vehicle, turn off the mod if you want to upgrade the vehicle;
Make sure to enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 or later, by going to Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Shown on other apps.

From I was a kid until now, I firmly believe that everyone has dreamed of having a cool racing car, to satisfy their own passion. As humans, we always want to experience new things. If you are a game enthusiast about speed, you should not ignore a Traffic Tour game that brings a lot of emotional frames to the experience. Try to do something great in the game publisher Wolves Interactive. Is a game with endless style, where racers look to practice their super driving skills, as well as learn how to react quickly with the senses.

Download Traffic Tour Mod – Fierce Battle

Since it was first released on both Android and iOS operating systems at the end of 2016, it has been quickly received by the community of speed enthusiasts around the world. Traffic Tour is a new endless arcade racing title that takes you to a level of smooth and quality driving simulation. Where you can challenge yourself with advanced features. Make this racing game the most downloaded game in a while. In the game you can drive anywhere you want with incredible speed without worrying about any risks and breaking the law.

Traffic Tour Mod


As well as other racing game genres on mobile platforms. But Traffic Tour has no competitors or other riders to compete with you. The highlight of the game is that your opponent is you. Experience the endless road that in reality has never existed. Drive the cars you’ve always dreamed of, improve your driving skills in each match, to become a legendary driver.

Interesting gameplay

In terms of gameplay, it is not like typical endless racing games, but when you are in career mode, players need to complete the tasks that the system has set out. Sorted from easy to difficult. It is necessary to complete the tasks in a sequential manner, through which will come the difficult and easier tasks. The game is a game like a driving school for everyone, where you can practice driving on many highways with many vehicles moving Traffic Tour mod


As for the thing, it is very similar to other racing games, there are control keys to turn left, turn right, accelerator, brake pedal … Besides, Traffic Tour only needs to press twice on the screen to use nitro as a driver. Your car travels at a much faster speed. Reasonable use of nitro is when you are on straight, large roads to be more effective and you can safely control the vehicle rather than bad roads. The car going too fast will make you difficult to control and more likely to cause an accident.

Optimal features

This will make players very excited, Traffic Tour has 3 game modes. Includes steering wheel, joystick, and device tilt. The phone is like a steering wheel, rotating is tilting the phone to adjust the direction of your car. For most players, the device tilt mode is preferred because it feels extremely realistic. Like the player is experiencing driving the car on the road in real life. Or if you want a more challenging experience, try the virtual steering wheel mode. Another thing that few games can have is to change the viewing angle, by touching the camera icon on the left side of the screen, to be able to see from the rear of the car to the inside of the Traffic Tour mod hack


The Traffic Tour Hack game includes many modes such as Career, Racing Now, Endless, Free Ride, Time Trial, and any event mode. There is an extremely hot model that is Racing Now, which is an online game mode. Make it possible for you to experience with family or friends. Link to many social networks like Facebook… can invite friends through it. Take part in intense matches, along with a seasonal ranking system to evaluate excellent riders. At the end of the season, you will receive a gift corresponding to the position you rank.


Traffic Tour has been greatly improved by the publisher in terms of visuals. Bring in 3D images that are not too sharp, but program the traffic system and vehicles exactly like in real life. In order to bring a great experience to the player, the game has carefully taken care of the image. The weather effect is sharp, the image is as vivid as the surrounding scenery. The same sound and background music give people the experience of being immersed in each piece of the picture.Dow Traffic Tour Mod

The most interesting thing about racing games is the experience of car treasures. Like other games, you need to earn money to buy an experienced car. But for Traffic Tour Mod, that’s not a problem anymore, with the luxury cars that are of top interest to players, they have it all for you. There are more than 40 templates for you to freely choose and experience without losing a single penny. That is your advantage to go to victory. Let’s download the game and experience it with us.

Download Traffic Tour Mod APK 1.7.4 (Unlock Car, Money, Gold)

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