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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Train Sim Pro Mod simulates train operation. As a train driver, you are responsible for your journey. Various missions to perform, transport passengers, or transport goods. Depending on the trip, you need to complete the duties of a train driver. At the same time ensure that the trip is operating safely and stably. Or more simply, you can adventure on the tracks to go everywhere. See the surrounding scenery, enjoy the feeling of a train driver.

Download Train Sim Pro Mod – Control the Train Across Large Lands

The gameplay of Train Sim Pro Mod is adventure style. Takes you to train journeys. Control the ship to move to many different lands. Explore famous locations, with 9 realistic 3D environments. At the same time have the opportunity to experience 50 different types of trains and 40 different types of trains. Fulfill your duty as a train driver by ensuring a safe ride. Drive the train to the final destination to get the bonus and continue the new journey.Download Train Sim Pro Mod

Graphics and sound

Graphics and sound are some of the factors that make your journey more vivid. At Train Sim Pro Mod images are designed in detail and meticulous, with realistic quality. Especially the surrounding environment is recreated extremely realistic. As well as the design of each train, with unique designs and colors. Impress players from the first time. Not only that, when moving anywhere on the railway. The context opens again for you to see and enjoy the feeling of a real train driver. Not only the graphics, but the sound of the game is also very lively. Besides the typical engine sound of ships and trains. Every time you open the horn or use the alarm bell, the sound is reproduced very realistically. Incorporating the constant changes taking place on the trip,Tai Train Sim Pro Mod

Control interface, functions

The control interface of Train Sim Pro Mod is quite easy. There are not too many control buttons, nor too complicated for you to do. Even if you’ve played similar train driving games before. Can get used to and control the train easily at the first experience. Similar to other train driving games. The right side of the screen displays a vertical bar icon, helping you to increase and decrease the speed of the train. Just touch and swipe to a certain level and you can customize the desired speed. Certainly, there will be no navigation keys, because the train only follows a fixed track. The right side of the screen shows icons for whistles, bells, and rails. The function of the whistle helps to signal other ships. Likewise, bells are used to signal, but only when arriving at pick-up and drop-off stations.Game Train Sim Pro Mod

50 types of trains, 40 types of trains

As mentioned above, Train Sim Pro Mod provides 50 types of bullet trains and 40 types of trains. Each type of train and train is designed with different exterior and interior designs. Each type of train possesses huge engine power, helping the train to move at high speed on the railway. It can also carry a lot of passengers and cargo. However, to unlock the desired ship type. You need to use the money accumulated from previous trips. Selecting and unlocking a favorite train will help you feel more excited while driving.

Change perspective, day and night effects

Train Sim Pro Mod provides players with some interesting features. Firstly, you can change the viewing angle during vehicle operation. The first-person perspective helps you observe and control the train from the driver’s seat. This feels more realistic. Or you can change many other views, like the view in the train compartments. Or the view from the outside, this helps you to see everything around easily. The second is the day and night effect. Changed according to a certain time during your driving. However, when navigating the train at night. You need to turn on the lights, as well as be more observant and focused. Due to limited visibility, it may be dangerous for your journey.Train Sim Pro Mod

During train driving at Train Sim Pro Mod, there are many activities going on. Require your skills to ensure the safest trip. Observe ahead, combine appropriate speed increase and decrease for stable operation. Also, watch out for ships going in the opposite direction. Because it is possible that you will collide with them if you enter the track with a moving train. This will cause your trip to fail.

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