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Train Station Mod simulates a large world. Revolving around the theme of train station development. The game is a combination of management and construction elements. Takes you into a virtual space full of realism and life. Join the game, your task is to run a train station. With the goal of developing his career by transporting trains. A series of tasks of a manager is waiting for you to perform. Not only develop each station but also build facilities. Unlock the train system, with lots of different train locomotives. Combined with the open gameplay, you can expand the station. As well as expanding more railway lines. To operate trains to move around the world. With the goal of making a lot of money to become a rich tycoon.

Download Train Station Mod – Build Station Area To Operate Trains

Play as a manager in the Train Station Mod simulator. Your task is to build a train station to operate. Lots of work to do. First, you need to expand the train station area. By exploiting the vacant land, expanding the road surface area. At the same time, build facilities and infrastructure. Place the seats at the station properly. Give your passengers a seat. At the same time, build public facilities such as restrooms and trash cans. Pick-up area at the bus station. As soon as your station area is built. Will welcome many arrivals of passengers. To make them happy, you need to build a beautiful waiting station. Since then, the number of passengers at the train station will increase day by day.Game Train Station Mod

Operate trains to earn money

After the construction of the train station is completed. You will start operating the first trains. Transport passengers to locations on the railway line. Fees may be charged per person on the train. Over time, the number of passengers increased. You need to improve the quality of your service to make your customers happy. Gradually, a huge profit can be obtained. At Train Station Mod there are many ways to earn money, based on train journeys. Besides transporting passengers to the places they want. You can also operate freight trains. From receiving orders from partners. Successfully deliver the goods to their required destination. After completing the work, you will receive money from the contracts.Download Train Station Mod

Rich train system

Train Station Mod provides a diverse train system. Divided into many categories, with many different ships for you to unlock. A typical example is a locomotive, which is used to carry goods. Trains are often used to transport passengers. There are even speedboats. It is possible to reach very fast speeds on railways. Each type of ship in the game is designed based on actual models. With the design, the color of each type of ship is very realistic. You can find information about each type of ship in the collection to unlock. Besides, each type of ship has its own operating ability. It is expressed through parameters such as speed, the number of people that can carry, and the maximum amount of goods. However, the amount to unlock each type of ship is not cheap either. You can accumulate money earned from operating ships to unlock.Tai Train Station Mod

Set time, compete with other players

As a train station manager in Train Station Mod. You need to set up the system to operate according to the time of each train. Customize departure time and destination. At the same time, expand many new railway lines to be more efficient. Establish a plan according to an effective operational strategy. From there, the amount of money you earn will be huge. What’s more, your train station isn’t the only one. There are many stations here operated by other online players. To be able to become a tycoon in the field of railway operation. You will have to constantly develop your train station. Upgrade and improve facilities. At the same time improve service quality to attract more customers.Train Station Mod

Train Station Mod’s graphics are designed by developer Pixel Federation Games in 3D. The image quality is very detailed and meticulous. Shown in facilities, surroundings, and trains. More than that, the game recreates a large city. You can observe all activities taking place in the environment day and night. Combined with the soothing sound quality that is played throughout the gameplay. Bring you a sense of comfort and entertainment.

Download Train Station APK 1.0.80

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