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Update October 12, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod belongs to the racing game genre. Detailed simulation of off-road motorcycle racing with a series of impressive challenges. Unlike previous versions, here, the game is redesigned by the publisher. Create a completely new version, with lots of interesting features. Graphics are improved extremely sharp, with realistic context. Flexible moving effects, and hundreds of racing levels from easy to difficult. What’s more, players have the opportunity to challenge themselves in PvP online races. Meet and compete randomly with millions of other players worldwide. The game uses the brand new Xtreme physics engine. Promises to bring you a more engaging off-road racing experience than ever.

Download Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod – Off-Road Motorcycle Racing

The gameplay of Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod has an off-road style. The race takes place in real-time. At first, you are provided with a motorbike to start your career. Your task is to overcome the obstacles on the road with your driving skills. Successfully reach the finish line safely with the shortest time. From there, you will win with the absolute number of stars, 3 stars. Also, get a bonus from the system. Continue to the next level. Overcome each challenge in turn and conquer the track with the highest achievement. Become a professional off-road motorcycle racer.Ear Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod

Driving skills, keeping balance

During the race of Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod. Driving skill is the most important factor, directly determining the outcome of your race. Obstacles appeared on the road. You skillfully move through each obstacle to reach the finish line. Not only moving on the ground, but the uneven terrain also makes the racing car fly into the air. At this point, you need to keep the vehicle stable. Land safely and continue the journey. You can even control the car acrobatic 360 degrees in the air. This skill is very dangerous, requiring a racer’s driving experience. Select the drop point and quickly adjust the vehicle appropriately to land safely. Throughout the race, balance is very important. Because of the difficult terrain, racing cars constantly lose their balance.Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod

More than 90 racing levels, master the speed

The mission system of Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod is divided into levels, more than 90 levels. The most special thing about the game is that each level takes place on a new map. At the same time, the difficulty also increases every time you move to the next race. Not only the appearance of more and more obstacles. But the arrangement of the position of the obstacles makes you encounter a lot of difficulties. Sometimes in some cases, you need to master the speed. The speed should not be too slow, otherwise, it will not be strong enough to overcome the steep slope. Or the speed should not be too fast, because that will cause the car to collide with the obstacle above. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the obstacles from afar. Stay focused and handle the situation in the best way to overcome it.Game Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod

Explore multiple maps

Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod is more than just a regular race. Here, you get to adventure and explore a lot of different maps around the world. Overcome the challenges on top of the majestic mountain, below is the abyss. Pass through the villages located in the gorge. Explore the craggy mountain ranges of the vast desert. Or cleverly wriggle through the unruly streets of high-rise buildings. And there are many other new and new maps waiting for you to explore.

Vehicle system, upgrade

Owning a rich racing car system. Every vehicle of Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod is an off-road motorcycle. They are designed with a dusty design, typical of off-road vehicles. At the same time, each racing car displays detailed specifications including speed, power, and jump. However, if you want to own your favorite racing car. You will have to use the money to unlock, which can be accumulated from races to unlock. Or upgrade the car you are using with money to increase the performance of the car.Download Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod

The graphics of Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod are designed in sharp 3D. Realistic images in each level of play give you excitement. See the surroundings in every movement of the car. Not only that, the flexible movement of the racing car every time it flies in the air. Or 360-degree acrobatics give you excitement, no less suspense. Combine the quality sound that the game brings. The engine sound of the car is designed to be extremely realistic, shown throughout your race.

Download Trial Xtreme 4 Remastered Mod APK (Unlocked All)

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