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Trials of Mana brings players into the magical world, potentially with incredible magical powers. A place containing hundreds of evil monsters, raging everywhere. Thus the goddess Mana used her precious sword to seal all of them. Life on earth is also gradually being revived. However, after going through a tough and fierce battle, the goddess’s strength gradually weakened. Along with random thoughts, people’s greed has weakened the seal. Create conditions for the monsters to once again awaken and rise. Join the gameplay, you will transform into a mighty warrior, possessing special powers. Willing to stand up to prevent the expansion of monsters, purify them completely disappear on earth. Recruit talented heroes everywhere to accompany you to complete the mission quickly and easily. Enemies are many, large, terribly strong. Players need to be equipped with modern, high-damage weapons and safety gear to help them feel more confident when fighting. Try to complete all tasks assigned by the system, valuable rewards, attractive gifts will be yours. Train hard to improve skills, combat experience, and master character control. Gameplay owns quality graphics, sharp sound to give players the most authentic experience.

Download Trials of Mana Mod – Stop the expansion of monsters at all costs

When you first join Trials of Mana Mod you need to choose your character. The gameplay gathers hundreds of talented warriors, countless unique moves to explore. Each has its own strengths and interests. Therefore, choose the character that matches the skills you have to fight with the highest efficiency. Once you have entered the game screen, death is always lurking around, taking your life at any time. Enemies appear everywhere, surprise attacks. You need to be highly focused, watch carefully, not be shocked. Use the virtual key on the screen to launch beautiful and powerful moves that make them dizzy. Note: Move the warrior continuously, flexibly dodging the monster’s damage. At the end of each level, there will be an infinitely strong boss. So, collect a lot of valuable items along the way to increase attack speed, damage stats, resistance, fast healing, etc. Defeat him easily, quickly without losing too much strength. Gameplay possesses a diverse mission system with hundreds of levels that are gradually increased from easy to difficult. This will stimulate your creativity, promote your reflexes and logical thinking. After each level, the system automatically upgrades the warrior. Because monsters appear more and more, more dangerous and the number of challenges also increases. Requires players to have enough strength to confidently conquer and complete all tasks.

Trials of Mana mod

Equipment system

Entering the life-and-death battle in this gameplay, players need to be well-prepared in terms of equipment. The system will provide a full range of both ranged and melee weapons. For example Sword, spear, bow, arrow, knife, hammer, ax, gun, etc. All are designed with high destructive power to help destroy monsters easily. In addition, players are also equipped with items such as Armor, hats, shoes, medicine, etc. These are things that help protect the character’s body from enemy damage, improve survivability. After each game screen, all equipment will be upgraded to become high-class, promoting power to the fullest extent.

Game Trials of Mana mod

Complete mission

Experiencing countless levels, dare to face all difficulties and challenges. You not only gain a lot of experience in fighting and handling situations. And create many smart, reasonable tactics. Besides, there are also valuable rewards, accompanying gifts such as Costumes, weapons, vehicles, pets, etc… In particular, your warriors are upgraded to superpowers, improving the basic stats of the body. Confidently defeat all enemies, conquer difficult copies.

Trials of Mana mod apk


Trials of Mana Mod is particularly interested in the publisher, taking care of the graphics. Designed with 3D configuration to help players fully observe the landscape from all angles. Vivid images, fresh colors, smooth character movements. Diverse battle locations, many beautiful scenes for you to freely watch and enjoy. Helps balance mood after moments of stress and nervousness when performing tasks. Create anime-style characters, extremely lovely and attractive. Various sounds of monsters, people, etc. Soft, vibrant, dramatic background music changes when changing scenes.

Game Trials of Mana mod hack

Trials of Mana owns a meaningful story, giving players useful and interesting experiences. You will be immersed in the magical magical world, explore many beautiful lands. Helps balance mood after a stressful and tiring day at work. Make use of your extraordinary strength and ultimate fighting skills. To conquer all levels, claim your name in the cruel world. Download Trials of Mana Mod to join the battle to destroy monsters, complete the noble mission.

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