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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

In Truck Driver City Crush, players will transform into professional gangsters. He often rubbed people’s cars on the street. Do everything you can to make money without tricks. When entering the game the system will provide you with an extremely diverse collection of weapons. Choose the one you like best to start your adventure through the cities. Use them to control hostages and seize property. It can be expensive cars or a huge amount of money, etc. If you want to make more profits, players must look to the gangster boss. Since starting to work in the gang, you constantly have to face the chases and fierce battles with the city police. However, try to escape and use the weapons you bring to confront them. The map system in the game is very rich, so if there’s no way back in this city. Get on a plane or spaceship and move to another place. Here, continue to practice and follow the direction of the boss.

Download Truck Driver City Crush Mod – Become a notorious gangster

The city in Truck Driver City Crush Mod has the same simulation-style as in reality. Initially, you will use the costumes of the common people. Then wait for the right opportunity to strike and rob the property. The player can also kill passersby if coercion fails. In case they call the police. Here you will become a cold-blooded assassin, and really get caught up in the gang of gangsters with no way back. However, gamers cannot act spontaneously and arbitrarily. Gameplay will give you the plot to refer to. Each story is a completely different world. The same gangster status, but the task will change depending on the case. For: in this city, you are not allowed to kill people but only take possessions and other places is the opposite, etc… There are many interesting things waiting for us to discover. Let’s experience the life of a professional gangster together.

Truck Driver City Crush mod


Missions in the game mainly revolve around the work of a criminal. Every day you will have to go and check the situation in the city. Then choose the right time to strike. Stealing a car is very convenient because it can be used as an instant escape. And if you just want to rob money or gold, silver, etc. Players must definitely prepare the necessary things to rob and run away. Otherwise, the police patrol will detect and arrest you immediately. There are also side quests to complete the level, but it’s quite easy so don’t worry too much.

Download game Truck Driver City Crush mod apk for android

Self-defense weapon

Before you start taking action, equip yourself with the necessary weapons in case you need to fight the police or threaten hostages. The weapon system in the game is quite diverse. However, to own all of them, players need to spend a lot of money. Just complete all the tasks well, you will surely get a huge amount of money to equip. There are also some other items to protect the body. Such as hats, bulletproof vests and some medicines to cure diseases, etc. Be fully equipped and use them promptly. If not while performing the mission that sacrifices. Will be considered incomplete and must exit the game screen.

Truck Driver City Crush game mod

Unlock car

Despite being a robber, a car is nothing if you like it. However, the system still provides players with a huge collection of cars. There are many types of high-end cars and luxury brands. Like: Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, etc… By making money from many big deals for gangsters. You can buy more of your favorite cars. Because outside of duty, you are also a normal citizen and have the need to enjoy your own life.


If you feel you have the skills and ability to lead an entire party. Recruit like-minded people. Fight and compete with other gangs for their own territory. You can take a city first, then raise your power and start moving to other places. Bring full weapons and vehicles to prepare for a bloody war between mafia gangs.

Download Truck Driver City Crush mod apk

Join Truck Driver City Crush to make cool plans and rule every city on the map. Especially have the opportunity to own world-famous supercars showing the class of a notorious tycoon. Download Truck Driver City Crush Mod to capture a lot of operating areas and merge other factions into one of the largest forces in the world. All at your fingertips.

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