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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Coming to Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod, the player will become a literal transporter. The game is a simulation game genre, designed in detail and care to every corner of the truck, the street. Your task is to transport the boxes to the required locations. Operate the truck with the most precision, roaming on the wide roads. Move through famous cities, profit from shipping, become a boss in the transportation industry. Everything in the game is portrayed realistically, providing an engaging experience for players.

Download Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod – Transport Goods To Required Locations

Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod simulates the control system of a truck in a realistic way. The steering wheel is displayed in the left corner of the screen, helping you navigate the movement of the car. The right side of the screen shows the brake and accelerator pedals, players can touch and hold to increase and decrease the speed. The center of the screen simulates the dashboard, with speed, time, and fuel tank. Likewise, vehicle functions are displayed in vertical rows on either side of the screen. Includes lights, horn, windshield wiper, and gear lever. Everything is reproduced very realistically, the player is like operating a truck in real life.Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod

Change perspective, observe the map

During truck operation of Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod, the player can change the perspective. If you want to experience the most realistic feeling, you can switch to the first-person perspective. The system will then simulate inside the cockpit, with the dashboard and control system of the vehicle. However, you can change the view from the outside, to observe everything easily. With this view, you can turn the car quickly, even observe the wheels easily when entering a bend or turn. That helps you to drive in the most accurate way. In addition, players can observe the miniature map on the left corner of the screen. To know the current position and the next route to take. Combined with observing the mirror to know the situation behind the car.Tai Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod

Unlock new trucks

Initially Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod provides a truck available. Let you do the duty and deliver the goods. After a while, when you have accumulated enough money, you can buy a new truck. The game has a total of 8 different trucks. They are all tractors with powerful performance. Each car has a different engine, color, and style. Besides, you can upgrade and customize your car. For example, changing the paint color makes the car’s appearance more prominent. Or customize the steering wheel and more. However, nothing is free. You need to spend a corresponding amount of money to upgrade and customize the car.Download Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod

Explore many famous places

In addition to owning a favorite truck, players also have the opportunity to explore 10 famous countries and 18 cities in Europe. By joining Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod you can not only operate a truck but also travel for free to many different locations. See the beautiful Eiffel Tower of France. Cross the classic bridges of Great Britain, see the rainforest of the vast Russian country. Move to the beautiful cities at night, enjoy the peace of the countryside. Or look at the industrial parks, factories. In particular, the game is designed to expand. You can move to the places you like. They are portrayed realistically, providing an interesting experience for players.

Graphic design, sound

The graphics of Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod are simulated in a realistic way. The picture quality is detailed and detailed. The game uses realistic 3D graphics, giving you a fascinating experience. The streets, the city, the night scene, are meticulously elaborated. Create a rich, real-life scene. In particular, the steering system is modeled in great detail, creating an extremely realistic driving feeling. The sound quality is very detailed. You can hear the engine, the horn of the car. Bring a sense of excitement and enjoyment when participating.Game Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod APK

The game offers players more than 30 different lots. Hundreds of interesting quests are waiting for you to discover. While traveling on the roads, you can customize the maximum speed limit for each country. Especially the game is designed with real-time on the device. If you play the game in the evening, the map in Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod is also displayed at night. Then you need to turn on the lights for your car, to move in dark places. Besides, the weather is also changed and will affect the process of your mission. For example, when it rains, making the road slippery, it is easy to cause an accident or lose control.

Download Truck Simulator PRO Europe Mod APK 2.0 (Unlimited Money)

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