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The adventure in True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 has left many haunts for the experiencer. The mysterious plot stems from a letter sent by Holly Stonehouse’s sister, lost for many years. The content wants to meet her at a suburban house. Upon arrival, the new character realizes that something is wrong. You are locked in an old, decaying house, full of ghosts and darkness. Maybe this is just some bad guy’s trap. The player is given a choice of a soul and begins to be able to see strange things that were seen before the missing brother. Here you will start moving to many different places in the house. Answer the puzzle given by the game to collect different statues. That is the clue to find out the secret information about the disappearance of the past. The house is large, but in the dark, on the way, find applications to illuminate. Quiet space creates suspense and is full of fear. So you need to be mentally prepared to participate in this terrifying journey.

Download True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 Mod – Uncover the mysteries of Holly Stonehouse’s sister’s disappearance

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 mod has a unique gameplay style. There are horror wars that open up the world of puzzles. You will start to control the character to move inside the house with the virtual key on the screen. Strange things started to happen. The letter, the picture of the sister, and the horror video that appeared on the television screen were the first opening button in the answer. Along the way, players will encounter small pieces of paper. Inside are challenges and puzzles, codes for clues. To easily collect things that the quest offers. You will come to many different rooms to search. Then use supporting devices such as a flashlight, scissors, knife, etc…. Or there is also a feature to zoom in on the screen to see small objects. After answering all the puzzles, arrange them together. And from there, the story of the old mystery was clarified.

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Space map

The space is located in a large house. All objects were rotten and broken. Here there is only darkness and the howling wind. Players will move in many different directions to start discovering strange things. What’s more special, you can go to other places such as Where your sister used to live, your mother’s farm and even a refugee home, a short scene from the past. They are all places where dark secrets are kept. They are located on the map, you can come at any time. By clicking where you want. Thus, investigating clues will become easier and faster.

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In True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1, there are hundreds of puzzles, big and small. They are scattered everywhere. That’s the only way to open the knot in the story. Simple sentences will ask the player to find something hidden in the house. Or model assembly. But when getting the big question, it will lead you to a maze. Here players will find 15 statues of a mysterious character. And from there, the clues about the sister’s disappearance will gradually be clarified. It sounds easy, but to do it, you need to have logical reasoning, arrange the answers in the order given.

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Images and sounds

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 is like a horror movie where the main character is you. Because the image is designed to be 3D true. The scene appears to have a gloomy and desolate look. Each small item, down to the words, is carefully polished and sharp. The deeper you go, the more you feel like you’re exploring a haunted house. Sometimes makes the player have to shiver. Background music has many combinations according to each situation in the game. When it’s bustling, mournful, intense. When it was strangely quiet. Sometimes just listening to a musical note is enough to give you goosebumps. However, these things have contributed a large part, making the gameplay even more special.

Game True Fear mod

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 was successful because of its compelling plot, stimulating curiosity. Realistic picture and sound. Full of horror, challenge the player’s courage. If you want to experience the adventure in the horror space full of drama. Uncover the mysteries of the ghost story. Then gameplay is the best choice. Definitely won’t let you down. But note that, before you start make sure you are ready. Because behind there are still many scary things waiting for you.

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