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Update October 19, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Money does not decrease when spent

Turret Merge Defense Mod belongs to the entertainment game category, provided by mobirix. A game production company, specializing in publishing entertaining games. Here, the gameplay taking place in a tactical style. You will enter the fascinating tower defense wars. Get to fight the invading monsters. As an army commander, your mission is to stop the enemy’s invasion attacks. On a large battlefield, the enemy moved on the roads in front of the city gates. Based on your skills, you will have to arrange a defensive tower battle to protect the kingdom. Simultaneously destroy all enemies on the battlefield. Causing them to give up their intention to invade. This will be a battle that will test your strategy. Whether the peace of the kingdom exists or not, all depends on the wars you lead.

Download Turret Merge Defense Mod – Build Battle Tower Defense To Defend Cities

Start the war of Turret Merge Defense Mod. Through the space ring, monsters move through it to appear on the battlefield. Not just a few enemies, but an army with a large number of monsters. They divide into waves of attacks, with a certain number. Enemies will move on a fixed route of the map to attack the castle. Your mission is to build turrets in various locations. Create a defensive tower battlefield to block enemy attacks. The position of the turret on the battlefield is very important. You need to observe the key locations to build towers. Because each tower is only capable of operating in a certain range. Creating links between turrets will cause enemies to be attacked continuously. From there, they will quickly be destroyed by the defensive tower battle you command.Dowload Turret Merge Defense Mod

16 types of turrets, upgrades

At the battle to defend the castle of Turret Merge Defense Mod. You can use 16 different types of turrets. Typically such as Shooty, Machy, Raily, Powys, Snowy, Pulty, Chilly, Freezy, … and some other types of turrets. Each type of turret has its own combat ability, which is shown through stats. Includes damage, fire rate, and range. In each war, when using the turret on the defensive battlefield. They will gain experience points, when they accumulate enough, they will level up. Up to a certain level, the turret will be unlocked with new powers. From there will increase the ability to defend in the next battles. Can destroy enemies in a wider range. As well as dealing large amounts of damage to enemy forces. Make them unable to successfully enter the city.Game Turret Merge Defense Mod

1500 stages, stop the boss

The mission system of Turret Merge Defense Mod is extremely diverse. With more than 1500 stages, many fierce battles take place. In each mission, you will have to face a large number of different enemies. As each level plays increases. Each time you enter a new stage, the difficulty will increase. The more the number of enemies, the better their abilities. Can withstand multiple attacks from turrets on the battlefield. Especially when it comes to a certain stage. The boss will appear, leading a large number of monsters behind. The boss’s abilities are superior to those of minions monsters. Not only strong fighting power. The defense is very durable, can withstand a large amount of damage from the attacks of the turret. Put the castle you are trying to defend in danger.Turret Merge Defense Mod

Challenge mode

Besides participating in the battles according to the story missions. Turret Merge Defense Mod also provides a challenge mode. Here, you will come to interesting battles, but no less dramatic. Resist the invasion of monsters with the same towers. Only one type of turret can be used to fight monsters. Rely on the smart strategy of an army commander. You will have to carefully calculate the route the enemy moves through. Then place defensive towers at the most favorable positions. Can effectively exploit the turret for continuous attack. Successfully stopped the enemy’s attack.Tai Turret Merge Defense Mod

More than 15 maps are provided by Turret Merge Defense Mod. With battle locations taking place in many different environments. Including volcanic lands, deserts, mountains, ice, snow, … and many more. Every land has fierce battles. Along with the appearance of many strong enemies. To be able to go further, discover many new maps. You will have to upgrade the turret to increase the defense. Use upgrade cards, tower shards and gold collected in previous wars. You will successfully stop the attacks of monsters and bosses.

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