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Ultimate Custom Night is an action game that requires a fee to be able to experience the game. So let’s explore together what this gameplay is? Which makes the game publisher to such a high selling price. Basically, this game has the same gameplay as other action games. But the Ultimate Custom Night Mod feature is the horror of the game. Players will face zombies, monsters whose looks make you feel creepy. Each match requires thinking, highly concentrated in order to be able to handle the situation in the most flexible way. This game seems to be simple, easy to play, but in fact, it is not so. Players will have feelings of fear, suspense, and anxiety about upcoming developments.

Download Ultimate Custom Night Mod – Attractive horror game for Android

Join the empire in Ultimate Custom Night Mod. You will be able to face the challenges and challenges included in the game by yourself. Rather, you will have to fight and survive before monsters with extremely scary looks. This game has a total of more than 50 characters for players to choose from to suit their style. . What I find quite attractive and charismatic are the characteristics of the character. However, the characters are not sold cheap and the amount of money you have is not too much. So let’s carefully learn the characteristics of each character. To be able to make the right decision when buying a certain character. The difficulty of the game is also quite diverse. Players can customize the difficulty level of the battle from easy to difficult. From 0 to 20.

Ultimate Custom Night mod

Diverse toolset

Like many other action games, Hack Ultimate Custom Night has an extremely diverse arsenal of tools. And this game requires players to have knowledge and skills to use the tools properly. You will be able to use tools like a furnace, blender, music player, television, etc … along with many more tools to choose from. To be able to have a higher win rate. Then you need a balance between your attack and defense. Arranging, arranging traps so that you can defeat the enemy easily. Don’t trust anyone too much except yourself. Because crooks can pretend to be civilians Scribble into your base and destroy everything.

game Ultimate Custom Night mod


The mission system that the publisher sets for players to perform are quite variable. Because the tasks always contain challenges later, you will have to perform consecutive activities to be able to complete the task. But do not worry too much because the gifts are extremely valuable and extremely valuable. It is a source of motivation that makes me feel like I have to try to complete a task more. I give you an example of a quest that you will encounter when entering the game. You will need to keep an eye on and monitor, be on the security camera and keep an eye on all activity outside the room. Change and constantly create traps to prevent the robots from getting in. They only appear when night falls. So try to survive and do everything to survive until the morning comes again. You will win.


The core of this game is the graphics of the game. Because for horror games, image quality and graphics quality are extremely important. The unique designs are dark, players will feel the barbarism of Ultimate Custom Night. In the dark sky, night falls, the sound of wind rattles like moving footsteps. Accompanying it is the sound of cicadas, howling wolves, etc. … Will make you feel scared, cold back there. You can use tools like lights, music players, etc. to reduce the horror. And you probably shouldn’t play this game alone at midnight. If you play at midnight, play with your friends. Sounds and images of the game will make you feel a lot more interesting.

game Ultimate Custom Night mod hack

Ultimate Custom Night can be considered one of the best survival horror games on mobile. However, players will need to spend money to buy and experience. But really to say, this game has brought MOBA gamers a great attraction. Download Ultimate Custom Night Mod now to experience the new gameplay, unique horror style, heart-pounding humor.

Download Ultimate Custom Night Mod APK 1.0.3 (Unlocked All)

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