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Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod is a sports game published by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited. Bring the style of action and fighting extremely interesting. Players will enter the fierce and dramatic wars of many robots. This will be the ultimate battle for the survival of surviving robots. Control the character flexibly, perform special skills. Win against powerful opponents. With the goal of becoming the strongest fighter in the Robot battle.

Download Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod – Join the Dramatic Robot War

Coming to Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod, players will experience a lot of interesting things. Here you will build a powerful army of robots. With the task of bringing them to participate in the fierce arena with many other robots. In particular, the war now does not only take place between two warriors. Instead, players will enter an extremely interesting 3 vs 3 matches. Inspired by the card collecting game. Robot warriors will be fully displayed on their own cards. As the name suggests, the amount to unlock, as well as the maximum health and strength. Help players easily choose the right warriors to arrange the squad and put into the match. In addition, each warrior has unique skills, giving players unforgettable battles.Game Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod

Easy controls

The control system of Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod is quite simple. Players will quickly get used to and catch the pace of the game in a short time. By performing simple manipulations for the character to attack. That is touch and swipe the screen in 4 directions. The screen will display an arrow, you just need to swipe to help your warrior attack the enemy. During the battle, the character will accumulate energy. When the energy bar is full, the player just needs to press and hold the screen, letting the warrior show off special powers. Causes the enemy to lose a large amount of health. The battle took place extremely tense, with strong attacks of the enemy. Requires players to have flexible skills and quickly handle any situation that occurs.Download Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod

Special skill

During the battle, the player can freely choose his warriors. This means that you are allowed to continuously change 1 of the 3 warriors participating in the match. That will help players exploit the full potential of each warrior. For example, when you see an opponent bring up a powerful warrior. Now you can use warriors with high health and durable defense to drain their health. Then use the warrior with the advantage of high damage, to destroy the enemy quickly. In addition, Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod has 3 skills for your warrior to use. Each skill has a special power, when used, it will directly affect the enemy. However, the third skill is difficult to unlock. Requires the player to deal damage to all 3 enemy warriors. When used at the right time,Tai Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod

Warrior System

Besides, Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod provides players with more than 45 warriors. Like gladiators, magicians, fire-breathing dragons, samurai, etc., and many more characters are waiting for you to discover. Each warrior has different strengths and health. However, they are not completely free. Instead, the player must use the money earned after completing the mission to unlock. On each character’s card, there is enough information that you need. Based on that, players can choose suitable warriors to include in the squad. In addition, players can improve the character’s strength, making them stronger. For example, upgrade attack power and defense ability. That will bring high efficiency in battle and have a higher win rate.Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod

The Unlimited Money Mod feature that the game offers will help you make transactions easily. This will be a huge advantage, helping players easily win. Because when using that money, you can upgrade the character’s maximum strength. Helps increase combat ability higher and defeat opponents quickly. In addition, Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod is designed with 3D graphics. The image quality is carefully polished, bringing a sense of excitement to the participants. Along with impressive effects, shown through each attack and skill of the warrior. Shapes of diverse characters combine flexible movements, helping players feel more comfortable. Realistic sound quality expressed through each attack. The sound of steel hitting each other sounds very realistic.

Download Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod APK 1.4.139 (Unlimited Money)

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