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Under Depths of Fear is the right choice for those who are passionate about the horror game genre. The plot in the game is quite unique. You will be the incarnation of a warrior in a bloody war that has just happened and is captured by the enemy. When he woke up, he found himself on a dark boat. From the story overheard in the hallway, you realize that you are the one who will test for a dangerous chemical project. So the player’s task is to find a way to escape from that place. Collect necessary items and pieces of information hidden in the compartments of the ship. Based on that to find the key to escape. However, you need to act very carefully. After a certain time, a guard will come to check. There are not only evil humans here, but also a lot of creepy monsters. Try not to let them suck blood, or you will die instantly. Make use of every available object in the room to make a weapon in case of an emergency. When you find the necessary items, put them together. Solve puzzles on a piece of paper to find out where the key is. Runaway from there and go to the next land.

Download Under Depths of Fear Mod – Run away from the dangerous ship

Water is constantly pouring into the boat where you are locked up. So in a certain period of time, the player needs to try to escape to get to the next level. Those in the compartment are a lot of components. They can be zombies, corpses, or creepy monsters. All bring the most horror elements for you to experience. Use the joystick button to move gently to the places where the necessary objects are hidden. Use the sound of each room’s radio to distract the guards and monsters. When you see signs of someone approaching, hide in a very private place. Like under the bed, in the closet, or taking advantage of every nook and cranny on the boat, etc. There are many doors here, in addition to finding the key, you also need to move in the right direction to get out. outside. Players can use the money to use the suggested map from the system to shorten the time. Try to challenge yourself and get out of this dangerous place with Under Depths of Fear Mod.

Under Depths of Fear mod

Searching for the key

First, to find the key, you need to collect all the objects and pieces of paper that contain information about them. The gameplay mixed a bit about puzzle elements. So when finding the player needs to think and connect them together to find the solution of the hiding place. Control your character to move flexibly and in time to avoid the appearance of enemies. The corridor is endless, so monsters can appear at any time and anywhere. Temporarily hide in the small adjacent rooms to avoid their pursuit. When you find the key, quickly move to the doors to find it and run away quickly. At that time, you will be considered to have completed the game screen and move to the next level.

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Make right decisions

Finding the key is only the first step of the game. Your next task is even more difficult, which is to find the exit door. When moving in the ship’s compartment, players feel like they are lost in a cold labyrinth. The doors are all the same design. So to find exactly after one time is very difficult. Make use of the symbols and information in the cue objects you collect. Try to find the door in the fastest time so as not to become the dangerous chemical test subject of the evil people. Make the best choices. Each decision will bring you a different outcome. It can be a dead-end and will have to start all over again.

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Escape from dangers

The water is slowly building up in the decks of the ship. You have to both find the exit and move to a higher place to temporarily stop the water from blocking you. However, that did not last too long. Players need to plan and act as quickly as possible. Otherwise, even if the key is found, the water will drown. Also, have to dodge dangerous monsters and horror-style sentinels. They always carry weapons with them, so try to escape as safe as possible. Take advantage of every element in the boat to fight in an emergency situation.

tai game Under Depths of Fear mod apk

A horror game with countless unique and attractive things for players. Extremely sharp graphics make us feel the characters with extremely monstrous style. It takes a brave and courageous person to pass all the levels in the game. Because the sound combined with the image creates even more horror. Download Under Depths of Fear Mod escapes from the dangerous boats and cruel and brutal people.

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