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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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As a very successful game by game developer Ubisoft Entertainment, Valiant Hearts Mod has attracted a lot of players because of this attractive storyline and gameplay, so players have to spend a price of about 20 $ to get it. the game can be downloaded. You will find the game more attractive if you fully understand the plot because the original version will be in English, so with the Valiant Hearts Mod, it has all been Vietnameseized for you to have the best experience of the game. Is an adventure role-playing game with a dense storyline written in a very methodical way so that players can immerse themselves in the story of the main character in the game.

Download Valiant Hearts Mod – Silent Heroes

Set during the first world war, the plot tells the extremely touching story of 4 silent heroes who were strongly drawn into this war. The game Valiant Hearts Mod all will have 4 parts and many different episodes, you can buy individual episodes and parts to be able to gradually experience the game. The publisher will let you play the first chapter of the game so you can think about it and decide whether to spend money to play the sequels or not. If you want to play all levels for free without losing any money, plus Vietnameseize everything, then the Valiant Hearts Mod version will be a choice you cannot ignore.

Valiant Hearts Mod

At the beginning of the story

Inspired by the first world war, the plot in Hack Valiant Hearts has relied heavily on it to show details on a difficult and arduous picture, through which you will also feel somewhat of the pictures in this war. You will join four other main characters who are struggling to find love for a soldier, heroes who are fighting silently. With a dog to follow, this dog will greatly help you and other soldiers in this chaotic and difficult world. Incorporating more puzzles in the game, you and other soldiers will have to successfully solve these puzzles to be able to overcome this tough battle.

Attractive gameplay

In addition to the role-playing nature with extremely attractive action moments, in Valiant Hearts Mod there will be tough puzzles that will also make you brainstorm to find a solution, those two things combine to make friends. You can play and think about the game at the same time. In the dangerous survival game, life and death are close, you will go with other soldiers to overcome the rain of bombs and bullets, run away, fight to be able to keep your life. You will be able to use different weapons and also carry different damage levels to be able to defend as well as destroy the enemy soldiers. There is a wide range of items for you to choose from with different uses for each product.

Game Valiant Hearts Mod

Features of the game

Immerse yourself in the story of the world war that is extremely painful and difficult for heroic soldiers that will make you cry through each story. Valiant Hearts Mod is considered an excellent position with the game’s plot because many players did not hesitate to spend some money to be able to experience the game. Desiring to bring a scene of chaos and destruction in this great world war, the developer has built a graphic style with dark colors to show the roughness of the story.

To be able to use all the levels in the game, you will need to spend some money to be able to buy them. Or you can also experience it all for free by downloading the mod version of the game Valiant Hearts Mod, with the mod version of this game you will be able to play everything like the official paid version of the developer. onion. More specifically, in the mod’s Vietnamese feature, you will be immersed in the story and understand everything when the game has been edited into Vietnamese.

Download Valiant Hearts Mod APK 1.0.4 (Vietnamese Chemistry, Unlocked)

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