Vampire's Fall: Origins Mod APK 1.15.616 (Menu, Free shopping)

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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  1. Menu mod
  2. Damage multiplier
  3. God mode
  4. Drop coins multiplier
  5. Drop exp multiplier
  6. Unlimited skills
  7. Free shopping

Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

  • Unlimited money

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is set in the countries of Europe. The place where it is rumored that there are vampires. In ancient times, bloodthirsty, evil, evil demons were raging, harming people. The warriors in the kingdom under the king’s direction are fighting hard to ensure the safety of the people. But suddenly one day the king died suddenly. The kingdom is now very bewildered, chaotic with no one to manage. The monsters knew this, so they mobilized their forces to attack the kingdom. You will play as the king’s son to run the army against the devil. Ensure the safety of the people living in the kingdom. Wearing armor, holding weapons, and riding on horseback, began the journey to destroy the forces of darkness.

Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod – Become a warrior to destroy evil

To take over the kingdom you need to set up with Anna. She will help you complete the legal procedures so that you can start your battle journey as quickly as possible. Vampire’s Fall: Origins mod is considered a game with a relatively high difficulty right from the start. Challenges, monsters in great numbers, terrifying power. They have the resources of demons, move, and transform. Do not worry too much because the system provides a variety of armor and combat weapons. It is extremely favorable conditions to help you be ready to confront any monster. Challenges and difficulties will be gradually increased in difficulty level over time. When you feel that your warrior does not have enough power to defeat all monsters. You go to the blacksmith, exchange with him to get new weapons and armor. Upgrade your power to help your journey go further. However, this process will cost 1 amount of coins to successfully craft.

Vampire's Fall Origins mod apk

Style play

The gameplay of Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod does not have many special things. You play a very important role in ensuring the safety of the kingdom. The mighty warrior alone fights against the demons. You do not need to perform many operations to control the character. At the beginning of the game, you will be an ordinary soldier, nothing special. After that, the NPC system will assign tasks to perform. Gradually, increase the level, the appearance will change a lot. Quality armor set, more sophisticated design. Continually learn from the experience of other gamers. Upgrade your skills to a higher level. Read all the information and suggestions from Anna. She is like a mentor to help you go further, the right way in this journey.

Vampire's Fall Origins game mod

Character system

The character system in Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod is heavily invested by the publisher. Design every detail very meticulously, the uniqueness, creativity is completely different from other games. The new appearance makes players fascinated, want to own the entire collection. Not only the unique design appearance. The system of skills and moves is also very special. Physically full, strong, and ready to face all kinds of monsters. Warriors will have an energy bar displayed in the left corner of the screen. During the match, pay attention to the percentage of the character’s energy remaining. Make sure the enemy will be destroyed before the character’s energy runs out. You can upgrade your stamina so that your warrior has a more powerful energy. The ability to fight, survive in the match will be much longer.

Vampire's Fall Origins mod hack

Game mode

The game mode is probably the best, most perfect thing that Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod can do. Many challenges, obstacles are classified by each level and arranged into different game modes. So whether you are a new player or have played for a long time, there will be battles that are suitable for your ability. New places will bring you to experience, discover more interesting and attractive things. When you want to challenge yourself, conquer difficult challenges, join the PvP mode. If you don’t have teammates, it’s okay. The system will pair you with other players. More amazing is when you fight with friends, participate in super classic battles.

Vampire's Fall Origins mod apk

Vampire’s Fall: Origins has gameplay designed in a simple, classic style. It’s not new, but it’s a whole new experience for you. The graphics of the game are really great. The publisher has succeeded in building and designing unique images. As you experience it, you’ll find yourself wanting to play more. The more I play, the more I feel like I’m in the real game. Because the attraction of the battles between the gods and the goblins was extremely strong. Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod brave warriors, fighting hard to the last moment.

Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins Mod APK 1.15.616 (Menu, Free shopping)

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