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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)

Vector 2 simulates space in a mysterious, dangerous laboratory. All human activities here are controlled. Players will have to control their character to escape the rooms to get freedom. Dangerous traps are always lurking, threatening your life during the escape. Therefore, you need to have flexible acrobatic skills as well as sharp reflexes along with precise thinking. To be able to overcome all the pitfalls, find the way out. And be very careful, skillfully dodge all the obstacles. You need to take advantage of every opportunity to escape quickly if you do not want to return to that deadly dark room. This game has many levels, gradually the difficulty level will be increased. After each level, let your character be strengthened and have time to recover to continue the game. The tasks that the system assigns are extremely diverse. High-quality graphics combined with vivid sound, realistic images like a chaotic world. Will make players want to explore and conquer.

Download Vector 2 Mod – Journey to escape, escape from the forces of darkness

Vector 2 Mod takes players into a gloomy, extremely scary laboratory. You need to control the character to quickly move forward. Don’t let the enemy have a chance to approach and attack you. Be very careful with the obstacles and traps that appear on the way. It will make you stop the game at any time. Don’t forget that after each level, the weapons need to be maintained so that they can continue to be used in the next levels. The way to escape is still very long and arduous, so every step cannot be rushed. Be always alert and clever, prepare carefully and choose the appropriate action strategy. Over time your character will be leveled up, the system will take the player to larger and more dangerous spaces. The journey to escape and escape from the forces of darkness will also be more arduous and challenging.

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Unique gameplay

Coming to Vector 2 Mod, you will feel satisfied before the somersaults, flexible climbing, and rowing. This gameplay mainly uses touch to swipe so that the character avoids dangers. Run fast through straight roads, sharp reflexes, and judge the dangers ahead. Practice daily to master the character control, move flexibly, increase the ability to react better. This gameplay is not difficult, but to master the game, you need to try a lot.

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A diverse inventory of items

Confronting enemies, you cannot defeat them without a weapon in hand. The system will give players the necessary items to be able to frighten the enemy. They will dodge to let you pass. Among the valuable items of Vector 2 Mod, it is impossible not to mention the Magnetic Manipulator. It can absorb all beneficial items within a radius of 3m. This range will be extended as you level up. There are also many items with their own functions, all of which are effective tools in your escape journey. Players should collect a lot of valuable items to increase their strength to go further.

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High-quality graphics and sound system

If the action-adventure gameplay has beautiful and rich locations, Vector 2 Mod only has a single space in the laboratory. The main color is black, creating a rather gloomy and scary space. Realistic simulation of a fantasy world in chaos. Fighting in gloomy, dark space conditions creates more suspense, drama, and thrill for the game. The sound is diverse, changing continuously with each stage. The background music also contributes to more perfect gameplay.

Timely upgrade

In Vector 2 Mod, the level of difficulty and danger will increase with the time you survive in each level. Therefore, the system will automatically upgrade your equipment to suit the battle situation. The character will be equipped with stronger and more solid armor to resist lasers and flamethrowers. Sharper and higher damage weapons for you to use. All you need to do is choose the upgrades that the system suggests. Everything is transformed accordingly. Be quick, skillfully control them and combine flexibly to ensure your life.

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Vector 2 will make you feel happier, more relaxed. Train players to observe as well as reflexes to handle unexpected situations. Vibrant visual details in a mysterious room filled with dangers. If you are a fan of the action game genre combined with adventure and discovery, you cannot ignore this gameplay. Download Vector 2 Mod to have interesting experiences in the journey to find freedom, smash the evil conspiracy of the dark forces.

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