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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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  • You get 1000 gold, experience for every kill enemy

Have you ever wanted to live in a mystical world, Vengeance RPG Mod is an action role-playing game that takes you into a completely different world from the one created from the imagination, a world full of things. mystery. The game is provided by DimasjkTV and is created on both main platforms, Android and iOS. Playing the game you will enter a character fighting to survive in a gloomy, foggy world with monsters, walking skeletons look very scary, or it can be said that this world is like hell, but it will also be very interesting, there will be strange lands that you have never seen for you to explore. If you are passionate about these mysterious types of games, why not quickly participate in the battles in this gloomy world.

Download Vengeance RPG Mod -Dark, Gloomy World

Vengeance RPG Mod is specially designed to exploit a world almost in darkness, with horror stories, you will become the only human being in this place. Your ability is the only thing that will help you survive in this world, a world like a hell, scary monsters that can only live in the dark they rely on, monsters Those creatures were created imaginations, but they were monsters that lived in dark places. Like the werewolf corporations, or the skeletons they will attack when they see you, if you don’t fight, you will not be able to live in this world, you must complete the tasks that have been built in the game. if you want to find out the mystery of the game.Vengeance RPG Mod

The game has a lot of places, a large world for you to explore and learn, creatures that want to kill you you need to control the character to defeat and destroy those evil creatures, you still have amounted to yourself. This game is not too difficult to play with a simple control system, which is virtual buttons on the screen with buttons to move, attack, or magic moves that are very powerful but consume your energy. But relying on these skills has great damage to be effective against these shadow creatures. Show your skill to complete the assigned task and destroy all these fearsome shadow creatures.

Equipment, Support Items

The beginning for a hero in this gloomy world is the iron hammer, to be able to fight the powerful monsters in this Vengeance RPG game, you must calmly destroy the small monsters, it will drop some common weapons that can use it. If you find that weapon is not enough, you can create it yourself, using the necessary materials obtained in battles, the stronger the weapon or equipment, the more materials you can make it with. rare, but having it will see the power increase significantly. When destroying those monsters and dark creatures, they also drop items, they are not the same but will be differently suitable for each case, which will increase the ability to win battles. As mentioned above you will also have amount, to move more flexibly, it will help you a lot.

Character Strength

If you think you can survive in the Hack Vengeance RPG world full of dangerous dark creatures that always want to destroy you like this but only one character, you are definitely wrong. There are up to 7 different hero characters, which are heroes but they do not have the same strength, each of them has a different ability but is all very strong and ready to destroy the darkness. For each type of character, there are two genders so you can choose if you like, they have different weapons, professions that originate from different powers, those characters are each strong in one thing if If you feel someone has the ability, then quickly choose that character, but the ability they have, if they try, can be raised to make you stronger.

Game Vengeance RPG Mod

If you want to live in this dark Vengeance RPG Mod world full of death and darkness, you must constantly train to increase your strength to destroy dark creatures, monsters that crave your life. friend. If you want to increase your strength, you can only buy strong equipment or buy enhancement items for yourself. You have yourself Unlimited Money, so much that you can’t use it all, so if it’s good for the character, just buy it all, you have the most valuable thing in the game that is a lot of money, you will have it for yourself. The strongest character with the best equipment.

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