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  • Dumb enemy (only works up to level 8)

Bypass checking at the beginning of the game by the following way

  1. Download games from Play Store
  2. After the download is a few %, cancel the download
  3. Install APK and enjoy

War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod takes you to PvP online battles. The game is considered as one of the best action shooter titles on the theme of giant robots. Your opponents are players from all over the world. To assert the power of a powerful fighting robot. Show yourself as a smart player. Control the robot flexibly in battles, quickly observing the location of the enemy’s appearance. Destroy all enemy robots to become the ultimate destroyer. Become the best robot in the universe. Here, according to the latest updates provided by the developer PIXONIC. The game is growing and expanding in terms of the number of participants. At the same time, new features will be added. Bringing you dramatic robot wars.

Download War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod – Real-Time Shooting Robot War

Battle of War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod takes place in real-time. With expanded combat gameplay, along with a large battlefield. You can freely control the robot to move anywhere on the battlefield. Your enemies are battle robots controlled by online players. They can appear anywhere on the map. Your mission is to destroy the enemy with equipped firepower. The battle lasts until you or the enemy are defeated, unable to continue fighting. To win the fierce shooting robot battles. You need to flexibly combine defense and attack. Move smart on the battlefield to dodge enemy attacks. Take advantage of the terrain to hide. Also attack accurately to make enemies quickly defeated.Game War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod

Choose a gun to fight in a variety of styles

During the war of War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod. You can fight in many different styles. By equipping the right weapons. If you like the attack style to destroy the enemy. You need to equip weapons with high mobility. Or want to fight in a defensive and support style. You need to use weapons capable of wide-area attacks. Can create large explosions, hindering the enemy’s ability to attack. Here, the game offers a lot of weapons with unique usage styles. Typical are plasma cannons, ballistic missiles, and giant shotguns. Select a suitable gun for the robot. At the same time improve skills and gain combat experience. You can win the fierce battles.Dowload War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod

Diverse game modes

War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod has many attractive game modes. Join the multiplayer mode, you will enter a 6vs6 battle. Compete with your teammates against the enemy team in real-time combat. Work together to create a smart strategy. Defeat all enemy forces to win. Or come with arena mode and full free mode. You can fight alone in shooting robot battles. Solo against opponents on the vast battlefield. Show off your fighting skills by taking down your opponents. Finish the battle at the earliest time. Achieve excellent achievements to get bonuses and loot. Continually win online PvP battles. You still have the opportunity to appear on the ranking of robots with good achievements.War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod

More than 50 robots

The game offers more than 50 unique fighting robots. Typical are Destrier, Cossack, Gepard, Schutze, Vityaz, Golem, Doc, Butch. And there are many more fighting robots for you to discover. Each robot in War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod is designed with an impressive appearance. With the unique fighting style of each robot. You can use coins to unlock a robot that suits your fighting style. Besides, each type of robot has different levels. The higher the level, the more money to unlock. However, the combat power is also superior, as shown by the amount of health and movement speed.Tai War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod

The graphics of War Robots PvP Multiplayer Mod are extremely impressively designed by the developer. Graphics designed in 3D give you a vivid space. The environment and scenes in the wars are reproduced extremely realistically. With a third-person perspective, the player can observe the entire movement of the robot. The peak shooting effect can clearly observe the flight path. Combined with extremely unique sound quality. Shown through the sound of gunfire when attacking. Helps you not to feel bored. As well as increasing the excitement during the game.

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