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Wild Hunter Mod opens a huge world. Here, you play as a hunter. Equipped with a gun in his hand as a hunting tool. In an environment full of animals, you will have to shoot them down to complete the mission. Hunt for large animals, chase them so as not to lose track. Aim the target accurately to take down. Complete the mission of a professional hunter. Transform yourself from an apprentice hunter into a legendary hunter. With countless outstanding achievements when shooting down many wild animals. The game will help you satisfy your hunting passion. With the environment, the surrounding terrain is designed to be extremely realistic. Bringing you more exciting animal hunts than ever.

Download Wild Hunter Mod – Become a Legendary Beast Hunter

The game uses a first-person perspective, which you can observe easily, as well as have the most realistic perspective. With the control mechanism of Wild, Hunter Mod is quite simple. The left corner of the screen displays a virtual key in the shape of a circle for you to control the center of the gun. Similarly, the virtual key on the right corner of the screen is used for you to fire. Two virtual keys are displayed on either side, with a human-shaped icon. Used to move the character. At the same time during hunting, you can use support tools. And use binoculars to observe the temperature of each animal, easily detecting their weak points. In general, the control system is not too complicated. But you need a flexible combination of control keys to be able to complete the task in the best way.Download Wild Hunter Mod

Quests in each hunt

Each hunt of Wild Hunter Mod takes place in real-time. In each hunt, you need to shoot down the required number of targets to complete the mission. The beasts appear in various locations on the map. They will run away as soon as you miss them. Besides, you need to pay attention to the number of bullets in the gun. They are limited, so shoot accurately to avoid wasting ammunition. If you want to complete the task in the best way. You need to meet the requirements in terms of time and number of hunted animals. At that time, your achievements will be evaluated through the number of stars, up to 3 stars. At the same time will receive a lot of bonuses. Once there, you can unlock new guns and upgrades.Game Wild Hunter Mod

The difficulty will increase gradually

After completing the hunting mission, you will continue to step into a new hunt. From there, the difficulty of Wild Hunter Mod will increase. The animals don’t just stand still in place for you to aim carefully. They will move, even run without direction. Make it very difficult for you to complete the task. Not stopping there, environmental conditions also affect the hunting process. The night environment makes you limited invisibility. Makes it very difficult to spot the target. Therefore, constantly improve the hunting experience in the previous levels. This will help you continue your hunt in more difficult challenges.Wild Hunter Mod

Lots of animals

In Wild Hunter Mod, there are many different species of wild animals for you to hunt. According to the publisher, the game has dozens of animals. Typically deer, birds, zebras, goats, etc. Or even prehistoric dinosaurs, flying lizards also appeared in the hunt. Each animal in the game is designed to be extremely realistic, from appearance to action. In particular, the body of each beast has its own weakness. When you identify the weak point, shoot accurately, can defeat the target with just one bullet. Takedown each animal in turn until the required number is reached. You will complete the task excellently.

Weapons are divided into categories

Wild Hunter Mod owns a diverse gun system. With many different gun models divided into categories. Typically such as Short guns, Pistols, Assault Rifles, Rifles, … and many other types of guns. Each gun has its own style of use. You can see detailed parameters displayed in each gun. Including max damage, injury, stability, reload time, quality, launch, size. The higher the parameter, the better the usability. Can be highly effective. However, the amount to unlock is also very different, depending on the type of gun you choose. The amount to unlock will correspond to the rarity.Wild Hunter Mod

Besides choosing a favorite gun in Wild Hunter Mod’s weapon collection. Players need to upgrade their guns if they want to be more effective in hunting. After upgrading, the gun’s usability will be increased. Damage, stability, and other parameters will be improved. Then, you can shoot down the target easily.

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