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NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim opens the battle for the throne as the lord of the jungle of the beasts. Players will choose 1 animal they like. Then train it to become a warrior to participate in the war of beasts. In this arena, the strong win and survive. The weak will lose, accept being kicked out of the green forest. The battle of life and death, gain everything, lose nothing. Classic fighting moments, vivid sounds make players nervous every moment. Upgrade your beast in strength, defense, etc… Increase strength over time, defeat all opponents to receive many valuable gifts. Unlock new skills for your warrior that can transform better. In the initial levels, you should hunt small animals, weaker than yourself. Accumulate items, Experience, and strength grow over time. Participate in great battles, compete with other players.

Download Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim Mod – Great war of animals in the green forest

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim Mod is one of the few RPG games that work on high FPS platforms. Immerse yourself in the world of animals, immerse yourself in the diverse and rich nature. Many resources, beautiful scenery for you to explore. The great war of beasts is about to take place. A large-scale, professional organization to find the leader of the green forest. At the beginning of the game, no matter which animal you choose, it will be very small in size, quite weak in attack. For more power, armor, and better defense, the player will control his beast to fight the boss. When you destroy other bosses, you will gain experience, coins, and possibly extremely useful equipment. In this arena, skill is a very important factor in deciding to win your match. Players must always keep a cool head, attack, defend, dodge properly. Make every opponent who confronts you feel fear.

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim mod apk

Diverse animal system

There are more than 100 different animals for you to choose for yourself an appropriate animal. However, the animals are not for sale in the shop so you can buy them easily. To own and bring back your collection of new animals, you must summon their souls. When defeating an enemy, they will drop a gem with a color depending on the type of animal. That is the soul of the animal that was destroyed, you should collect and conduct the summoning process. The color of the jewel represents different animals. For example Blue is a dragon, red is a tiger, orange is a leopard, blue is a snake, etc…. Use this information to collect the souls of your favorite animals.

Game Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim mod

Play games with friends

Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim Mod supports the connection between players. However, your phone must be guaranteed to have a mobile data network or wifi. That way you can fight with your friends. In PvP mode, players can invite teammates to join the team to join the battle. Each team will have a maximum of 3 people corresponding to 3 different animals. The match with the participation of teammates will be much more attractive and dramatic. And of course, the rewards for the winning team will be huge and extremely valuable.

Game Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim mod

Build and decorate the base

After each fight, your beast will probably be injured and need time to rest and recover. There is a house for the animals to recover energy, which I temporarily call the battle base. Because before the start of the war, you will be here equipped with skills, armor, items, etc… To be ready to start the mortal battle. Let’s build and expand a stronger base. When the number of your animals is more, you will need a place with a large area to ensure a place for all.

3D graphics

No animal simulation game on mobile has had higher graphic quality than this gameplay. 3D graphics background combined with high FPS feature for extremely smooth and sharp image quality. The designed beasts are no different in reality. Every detail, gesture, action, sound, etc… is very real. Just play 1 game, you can feel this very clearly. This is the great success of the game publisher. Give players a really great experience.

Game Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim mod

Enter the world of animals. You not only get to participate in good, attractive matches with your teammates. But also admire the beauty of different animals, explore nature, majestic mountains and forests. Choose for yourself an animal according to your preferences, nurture and train it to become a mighty warrior, undefeated in all battles. Download Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim Mod to experience the world of extremely interesting animals.

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