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If you are an enthusiast of the interior and exterior design of the house. Come to Wordington where players can unleash their imagination, create and remodel the house as they want. There your task is to help Emma remodel the house left by her grandfather. Next to the old house is a messy scene with many fallen leaves. You will have to clean up the surroundings and renovate most of them. Even though the house has been used for a long time, it is still possible to be reborn again. Replacing items that are too old and remodeled from interior to exterior. The way that Wordington for players to perform is extremely new. Instead of handling all the work by moving the character control, you need to solve word puzzles. Don’t worry too much because the workflow is already displayed on the screen. Just follow the steps that the system instructs you to complete. The way Wordington helps players improve their intelligence is to offer challenges that are different from similar games.

Download Wordington Mod – Renovate the old mansion

The old mansion was left by Mr. Emma, ​​it was built many years ago. After a long period of non-use, everything has degraded. Players can fix it by replacing other items. Or just repair it to save money. All changes to the villa are based on your ideas. To progress quickly in remodeling, you will need to solve crossword puzzles. Beat the levels completely to unlock new levels. The higher the level, the more difficult the level will be, and especially you can discover more mysteries that Grandpa Emma left behind. In each game screen, the squares, specifically the letters or objects are arranged very messily. Your task is to do everything to make them merge together and produce a meaningful word. After the times you decode, It will help players earn money and redecorate Emma’s house more spaciously. Also, be creative with any ideas in the villa to make them fresh and unique. Everything in Worthington Mod is decided by you without any constraints from the system.

Wordington mod

Decode the crosswords

You are thinking that to remodel a house, you are constantly working every day, moving things to find the right things. But coming to Wordington Mod you will not need to do that. Players will solve word puzzles at each level. The letters will be arranged shuffled rearrangement properly is not an easy task. Each difficult activity will always be proportional to the level of the game. Let’s say the crossword for cleaning the house would be easier than doing another heavy lifting. Be confident with your vocabulary ability to be able to decode all the crosswords. Try to do it within the time specified by the system, otherwise, you will have to quit the game and be considered not completed.

Wordington mod apk

Design Villa

Pre-program ideas and creativity in your head to implement them when you come to Wordington. Gameplay will allow players to completely refresh the house at will. Freely replace the decoration of any room. Interior, exterior everything that makes your home stand out is thanks to your creativity. If you are looking for an elegant or luxurious style, arrange everything according to your will. However, to get the beautiful items you want. Players need to solve all the crosswords to get money. It asks for intelligence and is extremely sensitive.

Wordington mod game

Meet and socialize

Coming to Wordington Mod, besides Emma, ​​there are many other characters. Meet more guys like Pizza David, Handyman Bob, etc…. Who knows, after the meetings, there will be a romance happening. Maybe you will fall in love with a certain guy through the way he talks or his personality. Find out for yourself by playing the game now. In addition, players can also go to parties with their friends. Or chat and meet new people. Check out their unique designs to experience for yourself.

Tai game Wordington mod hack

The old mansion is in dire need of a makeover. Emma couldn’t do it alone. So help her decorate and improve by rearranging her bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, etc. Build your own joy by being creative and coming up with new and interesting ideas. taste for the house. Decipher all the crosswords to collect coins, buy essential items to decorate and repair. Download Wordington Mod to rebuild villas according to your unique ideas by solving puzzles. It’s not too stressful and difficult so enjoy the relaxation in the game in the most comfortable way.

Download Wordington Mod APK 1.7.2 (Unlimited Money, Hints)

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