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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

World Conqueror 3 Mod opens up dramatic military battles. Role-playing as a general, you command the army to participate in fierce battles. With a context inspired by 3 different periods. World War II, Cold War, and Modern War. The game is a combination of military and strategic elements. With a series of battles taking place in many different locations on the world map. Along with that is the participation of many countries in this military war. I am a general of a country. Lead your army to conquer the army bases of other countries. Expand territory, become a powerful country in the world. At the same time, he achieved great military achievements.

Download World Conqueror 3 Mod – Military War With Historical Timelines

Come to World Conqueror 3 Mod to conquer the world in 4 different timelines. Includes time in 1939, 1943, 1950, 1960. Each timeline features many dramatic battles. According to historical events such as the war on land, air, and sea. Along with the appearance of many enemies. They are the armies of the nations of the world. Join the game, your mission is to build a powerful military base. Equip combat vehicles, open up effective military strategies. Actively lead military forces to attack other countries. Defeat them to expand the territory. In addition to attacking, you need to defend the military base. Enemy forces can attack at any time. They will drop bombs or missiles, even nuclear weapons. If your military base cannot be defended, it will be destroyed.World Conqueror 3 Mod

42 wonders, 11 great achievements

In World Conqueror 3 Mod there are a total of 42 unique wonders. Each wonder is a battle site, as well as a new map for you to explore. Typically, the battle took place in countries around the world. Not only that, you have the opportunity to explore the vast universe. Through space battles. Known for constellations, or outer space asteroids. Each location is wonderful, extremely impressively designed. The environment, map, and space are depicted very realistically. Along with that are more than 11 achievements that you can achieve. Through military battles, destroy enemy bases. You will achieve a lot of different achievements. From there, you can prove to the world that your country is a powerful military site. As well as show off your leadership experience.Download World Conqueror 3 Mod

More than 200 generals

Through the military academy of World Conqueror 3 Mod. You can recruit new generals to your military base. The game offers more than 200 talented generals. There are some generals such as Guderian, Rommel, Donitz, Model, Rundstedt, Goring, …. And there are many other talented generals that have not been mentioned. Each of the generals when recruiting about your army. Not only helps the strength of the army to be increased. With which you can complete various missions that take place in the cities easily. Besides, each general can also be upgraded. You use the medals and medals collected, upgrade the generals in the army. Help their ability to increase higher, thereby helping the army’s strength grow stronger.Game World Conqueror 3 Mod

12 army technologies, 32 campaigns with 150 missions

World Conqueror 3 Mod possesses 12 army technologies. Includes combat troops, missiles, nuclear weapons, space weapons, navy, and air force. Each technology is used in a variety of tasks. Choose the right technologies for the task you are performing. Then attack the designated locations, from there will complete the mission. Here, the game offers 32 campaigns divided into 150 military missions. Conquer each campaign in turn, completing each mission. Overcome challenges and difficulties in each mission. You will achieve great results. At the same time get a lot of valuable rewards such as money and medals.Tai World Conqueror 3 Mod

In the war of World Conqueror 3 Mod, there are 148 army units, along with 35 special skills. Each unit is a fighting force. Equipped with advanced weapons, with modern technology. Unlock to equip your military. From there, you can attack fiercely, conquering enemy bases. In addition, a total of 50 countries participated in this military war. Each country has its own military base, but all have a common purpose. It is to defeat all other countries’ military bases. Expand your territory and conquer the world with your military might.

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