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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)
  • Large amount of currency in the game like coins

If you are a lover of sports in general and cricket in particular, this game is for you. Having a history of birth very early, this gameplay is always changing, adding, innovating every day to keep the number of players as large as when it first launched. World Cricket Championship 2 Mod In fact as well as in the world, there are many people who have a passion for this sport. However, not everyone has the full conditions of time as well as material conditions to be able to play in the afternoon every afternoon. We understand this and game publisher Nextwave Multimedia developed a really successful mobile Cricket game. The game’s graphics are not overestimated because it only reaches the level of 2D graphics. But with the gameplay as well as the realistic sticking details still give players the best experience. Try your best to win every match, you will be honored in front of millions of spectators around the world and bring yourself noble titles.

Download World Cricket Championship 2 Mod – classic Cricket ball game on mobile

Coming to World Cricket Championship 2 Mod you will experience football matches that you have never thought of before. Receiving more than 50 million downloads, tens of thousands of positive reviews gives me a sense of safety and extremely believe in every game. It will not be an exaggeration when this game is the name that stands in the list of the hottest sports games on mobile. In version 2 has added many interesting features because and extremely attractive, moreover, the quality of the graphics has been much improved. Unleash your passion for this sport, there are many game modes for you to practice and compete. The better thing is that you can compete with live online players around the world.

 World Cricket Championship 2 mod

Customize your team

The open world in the game with more than 18 different international teams, 10 domestic teams, more than 40 stadiums, and more than 10 world cup tournaments around the world. What is more special is that you have a large number of players that synthesize the best names in the world, with experience playing in major arenas. Set up your soccer team and start training for them, taking care of them well. You can also customize your team according to your own style by customizing the color of the jersey, shoes, helmet, shirt number, height, weight, color. Each different player will have their own style of setting up their own team. In addition, you can also customize the spectators cheering for your team by customizing gestures, gestures, cheering effects.

Challenging super classic matches

Before entering the big game, you should give your team drills to improve the experience. When entering the super-classic matches that have a huge influence in the world, you will face many great challenges. The pressure of the score begins to build, the pressure on your opponent, the pressure of the rewards to win. Your opponents will be those who have experience playing in large arenas and have a lot of experience. Do not worry too much because this is a team sport game, the solidarity between the players is the factor that creates victory in a match.

game World Cricket Championship 2 mod


Real image of the game sticking to reality

The realistic game image is just like reality, Hack World Cricket Championship 2 giving the player the feeling of playing on the real field. With over 150 different swing movements combined with 28 ball throws. You will be able to freely change the posture and pitching techniques to your liking. Accompanying that is the sound effects, the audience’s chants are extremely realistic, handled professionally from many different angles. Not only that, but the gameplay also has visual effects as well as realistic modes such as Rain mode, Sunshine mode, change your players at any time….

World Cricket Championship 2 mod hack game

Unleash your passion, burn yourself with the sport of Cricket. If in the regular version, players will not have enough money to buy good players, famous in the world, and it is difficult to equip their team with the best things in this version. World Cricket Championship 2 Mod You will have unlimited money, buy whatever you like, set up the team with the hottest players in the world. The more you buy, the higher the amount of money you have, giving you the best experience, relaxing after long hours of studying and working.

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