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Update October 9, 2021 (2 years ago)

Unlimited Money
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World Of Pirate Ships Mod simulates an extremely attractive sea battle. In particular, the game does not have a story or offline mode. Instead, you can just participate in the online war with other players. Control the pirate ship to enter the battle at sea. Constantly fighting, constantly competing with other ships is something you have to go through. It can be said that the game is one of the true sea war action games. As a captain, you control the ship moving across the vast ocean. Explore new seas, be adventurous to many different lands. Learn the mysteries, unexplored. As well as fighting with other pirate ships to assert the position of a captain.

Download World Of Pirate Ships Mod – Sea War Between Captains

Enter the battle of up to 10 players in World Of Pirate Ships Mod. With the context taking place in a large sea, surrounded by mountains and forests. Here. Your goal is the boats that are moving on the sea. Each player owns a private boat, which is a separate fighting force. Your mission is to attack other ships with cannons. Aim accurately to shoot, causing the enemy ship to be destroyed. However, you need to know that each boat does not stand still in place. They will move constantly, and your firepower will need to take a while to fly to the enemy’s position. During that time, the enemy can dodge easily. Therefore, you need to observe the situation, as well as accurately judge the direction of the enemy’s boat movement. Only then can they sink their ships.Download World Of Pirate Ships Mod

The map will change according to the fixed time

Come to the sea battle of the game World Of Pirate Ships Mod. Players will discover many new seas. After 10 minutes, the system will automatically change the map. When the map changes, the situation of the game also changes. Maybe you have an advantage in attack after the map change will put you at a disadvantage. On the contrary, the right time is struggling when your ship is under constant attack. After the map changes, maybe it will help you change the outcome of the battle. With the change of environment, the map, after 10 minutes is fixed. Requires problem-solving skills, adapting to new environments. To be able to survive in the harsh seas. Especially the ongoing battles.Tai World Of Pirate Ships Mod

Earn money to upgrade boats

Gold coins are one of the main factors that help you upgrade your ship. Here, you can earn a lot of money through the process of fighting. Every time you hit the enemy ship with firepower, you will receive gold coins. The more you hit, the more you will get. Or attack larger pirate ships. Will help you to earn more gold coins. At the same time after winning, complete the mission. You also get rewards for your achievements. The higher the rank, the more bonuses you get. The money can then be used to upgrade the boat’s parts. Each part after upgrading will increase its outstanding combat ability. For example, weapons will increase damage when hitting an enemy with firepower. Engines will accelerate faster and the hull will withstand more attacks.World Of Pirate Ships Mod

Graphics and sound

World Of Pirate Ships Mod uses realistic 3D graphics. Simulate the context of the mountains and forests, as well as the seas that take place in the war. With impressively designed image quality. Recreate the harsh environment of sea battles. Explosion effect every time the boat is hit. Or the light effect of each cannon flying in the air. Make an impression right from the first battle. Besides, the realistic sound of explosions. Combined with the sound of boats moving on the water. Along with the sound of cannons when fired. Bringing you the exciting experience of enjoying the feeling of fighting at sea.Game World Of Pirate Ships Mod

The control system of the World Of Pirate Ships Mod is quite simple. You just need to touch the surface of the sea in different directions to navigate the movement of the boat. Combine with touching the boat to change the angle of view, as well as adjust the shooting center. Use 3 cannon-shaped icons with different directions to fire. In general, the control mechanism of the game is not too complicated. You just need a combination of observing and aligning the firing direction accurately. Then select the cannon vehicle icon that matches the firing direction to attack the enemy boat.

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