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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

XCOM: Enemy Within Mod simulates a world grim by war. Set in the fantasy setting of alien battles. Combined with realistic 3D graphics, you will enter an extremely cruel space. In particular, the game is designed with a lot of high features. Therefore, the manufacturer 2K, Inc. recommends that you turn off all unnecessary applications before experiencing the game. With tactical gameplay, with attractive content. Bringing you new heroes who can test their abilities through battles. Face off against a powerful enemy force, armed with advanced weapons. In an expanded map, you will have to find ways to survive. As well as destroy all enemies to complete the mission. Protect the world from a deadly prospect of doom.

Download XCOM: Enemy Within Mod – The War To Protect The Earth From Doom

Suddenly one day, the Earth appeared a strange object. It landed in the city center from the sky, everyone around curiously approached. But was shot by blue lasers, causing some people to lose their lives, some to be imprisoned. You are the commander of the special XCOM squad in XCOM: Enemy Within Mod. Under his command is the most elite army in the world. XCOM Squad is an organization, formed by 16 countries with strong military potential. Specializing in protecting the Earth from the invasion of hostile forces in space. Realize danger from foreign objects appearing. There are signs of alien interference. Now, you must command the soldiers in the XCOM detachment to join the battle. For the purpose of protecting the world from wars of aggression.Download XCOM Enemy Within Mod

Facing two hostile forces

The world in XCOM: Enemy Within Mod is standing on the edge of doom. Because of the appearance of two powerful hostile forces. Includes aliens with advanced technology and an organization called EXALT. They all have a common goal, which is to invade Earth for a base. In each battle that takes place, you will have to face one of these dangerous enemies. Every alien or member of the EXALT organization is scary. Because equipped with modern weapons, along with solid defensive armor. Makes heroes very hard to defeat. Just a small mistake when choosing the wrong location will put your hero in danger. It may even cost your life.Tai XCOM Enemy Within Mod

Style play

The gameplay of XCOM: Enemy Within Mod takes place in a strategic style. You are a commander whose task is to lead the heroes to attack the enemy. Observe what is happening on the battlefield. The standing position of the enemy, as well as the surrounding objects. At first, the heroes will emerge from a spaceship, they will quickly hide behind the surrounding objects. Your task is to choose the right attack position for each hero. From there they will move to the designated location and attack the enemy. Control each hero in turn to attack many different enemies. After destroying all of them, you will complete the mission. Keep coming to new battles.XCOM Enemy Within Mod

Diverse quest system

Each battle that takes place is a different mission that you need to complete. At XCOM: Enemy Within Mod there are many tasks for you to perform. Rescue people in war zones, find holes in the structure of spaceships. Or sometimes will have to attack the alien base to destroy their entire construction. Each mission is a challenge, meaning the difficulty will not be the same. Requires smart strategy of a commander like you. Lead the heroes to move to the appropriate position to attack the enemy. At the same time, effectively exploit their power and skills to make all enemies defeated. From there, you will receive a lot of loot and bonuses. Can be used to upgrade the weapons and skills of heroes.Game XCOM Enemy Within Mod

The XCOM organization has many talented heroes. Each hero has their own weapon, which means their fighting ability is also different. For example Assault, a shotgun-wielding warrior. Can attack flexibly, suitable on any battlefield. Hero Heavy has the ability to disable enemy equipment and machines. Thanks to being equipped with special weapons. At the same time, the hero uses a sniper rifle, which can attack enemies from a distance. As well as supporting teammates in battle. In particular, the hero of the Support role will assist teammates in recovering health and energy, increasing the defense of teammates. Assemble a powerful squad by recruiting heroes with unique abilities. From there will help you fight dangerous enemies.

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