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METAL MADNESS PvP is suitable for those who are passionate about thrills. Gameplay allows players to both races at high speed and shoots to destroy opponents. This is considered the perfect combination of action games. The graphics of the game are very attractive and unique. It makes gamers feel as authentic as in reality. The effects are also very vivid, from the bumps to the long slide on the track. Bringing two beauties of classic and modern, METAL MADNESS PvP is more and more successful in the mobile game market and shows its distinctive features. Here players can choose their favorite car. Compete on the track with people from all over the world. There are more than a hundred cars from ordinary to high-end. In addition, each map in the game is designed with its own terrain. Creating diversity and newness for gamers to experience. The damage level of the guns will correspond to the level of the vehicle. The more modern the gun will also be many times more powerful.

Download METAL MADNESS PvP – Become the #1 racer

When starting the game the system will give you a private car. Following that is a very powerful gun. Control the car by using the buttons on the right corner of the screen. On the track, if you want to attack other cars you just need to move the center of fire to them. After pressing the fire button, the gun will automatically shoot until the opponent is defeated. However, there are also countless people who want to destroy you. So practice more dodging skills to protect yourself. The player can see the amount of HP displayed on the screen. If it runs out, it means you have been completely destroyed and have to leave the game screen. So try your best not to damage your car too much. At the same time also strongly attack other opponents. There are many ways to do this. That is using a gun or crashing into them causing the car to be thrown off the track. Collisions also deal a lot of damage so this is also a pretty useful way and makes them lose their hands in time. Upgrade your car and start racing in METAL MADNESS PvP Mod right now.


Rich map

The map system in the game is quite rich. Each destination will have a different terrain design. Example: A snow-covered race track. Old underground arenas with lots of dangerous turns. Or airports full of obstacles. This not only creates a new feeling for players but also requires them to adapt to be sensitive. Get familiar with all types of terrain quickly. Use the slopes as bait for your opponents and ambush them. Once familiar with all locations on the map. Surely nothing will make it difficult for you.


Supercar upgrade

After a while of playing, the damage that the opponent causes will make your car increasingly degraded. So regularly maintain and upgrade them to have enough power for the next rounds. Corresponding to it, the HP index, speed, damage of the gun, etc. have also been significantly increased. Of course, the higher the level, the more materials it will cost. Money to buy them is taken from completing missions and winning each stage. Practice your ability to fight head-to-head with the enemy. Turn your car into an unbeatable fighter on every track.

METAL MADNESS PvP mod apk for android

Great weapon

Each vehicle is fitted with 2 separate gun heads. Without them, you will definitely not be able to survive in this fierce race. The stronger the weapon, the faster and easier it is to destroy the opponent. There are many types to choose from such as Guns, laser guns, flamethrowers, etc. Each gun will bring a different power that makes the enemy tremble. Especially the high-speed guns will attack the opponent in a flash. In addition, you can launch grenades to explode enemy vehicles. But be careful because the explosion time is very short, throw it as fast as you can.

Nice car system

The special thing in this game is that players can manually design the appearance of their car. The vehicle system of METAL MADNESS PvP Mod is quite diverse. There are classic to modern and a variety of beautiful sports cars. You can own them by earning a lot of money and unlocking your favorite car. The higher the value, the more flexible the engine will be. Not stopping there, after each update there will be hundreds of new models for players to choose from. Make your car more unique and attractive than ever.

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If you are passionate about high speed, then METAL MADNESS PvP is definitely a good choice. Let’s create a car for yourself, make it an invincible thing. Practice more fighting skills to eliminate opponents easily. Download METAL MADNESS PvP Mod conquer all races, overcome obstacles to become the first to finish.

Download METAL MADNESS PvP Mod APK 0.40.2 (Immortal, onehit, high damage)

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