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Update October 8, 2021 (2 years ago)
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An extremely useful entertainment game for you to relax after every stressful working hour. An entertaining game with simple but attractive gameplay. You can easily get to know and understand the game easily. Suitable for most ages of current users. Suspense and drama with the defense for the rush to escape from the enemies who are constantly chasing you. In Z Escape Mod you will stand from the top and observe everything. With the gun in hand, you need to destroy the enemies who are pursuing non-stop. To protect your army can get on the helicopter safely. With simple but addictive gameplay. The game has been interested in many young people around the world.

Download Z Escape Mod – Non-Stop Race Chạy

Z Escape Mod is a game released by game maker HOMA GAMES. A company specializing in producing extremely addictive games for users. The same visual minimalism with the monochrome characters in the game. But it is very suitable for creating a game that attracts users. The game has now been released on both Android and iOS platforms. You can completely download the game and participate completely for free. No need to spend any money to be able to use it. Plus enough storage to be able to work on most phones in the current market. All of those properties have brought accessibility to current gamers. An interesting game for you to relax this summer.

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Runaway from the enemy

In this Z Escape Mod game, what you need to do is protect your friends so they can reach their destination safely. When there are countless enemies chasing around everywhere. With a gun in hand and a panoramic view. You need to focus very hard to observe everything because anywhere there can be enemies. The game is designed in terms of visuals quite simple but extremely delicate. With character shapes created similar to stick men but in 3D version. The colors used are also just monochromatic for your friends as well as enemies. It will not be easy to get through this journey. When there are hundreds of thousands of enemies chasing you right behind. Set in a city with buildings. The turns will sometimes be the enemy’s lair and they will rush out suddenly.

Tai Z Escape Mod

Nonstop effort

To be able to reach the destination and get on the helicopter to escape from this evil place. It all depends on your efforts. These blue friends wouldn’t be able to get out of this place without your support. You will be the one standing on high to support your teammates with non-stop bullets. Z Escape Mod offers customized guns of your choice in the store. You will control the center of the gun to be able to destroy all the red troops. Don’t let them touch your friends. Then the people who stay at the end will gradually die and the number of people who escape will be very small. A quick eye and light handling is the deciding factor for you to win the game. The game is an extremely interesting game that is worth a try.

Game Z Escape Mod

Graphics and sounds of the game

Z Escape Mod uses a 3D graphics platform with simple colors. The colors in this game are made as minimal as possible. From the character to the context of the game is created by one color. The most colorful and patterned thing in this game will probably come from your guns. Every detail in this game is made according to very angular images. Like the stickmen participating in the run are made in rounded corners. Prominent on the background is made in sharp right angles. The game sound system is very fun when mixed with the race. Bringing you more thrill and suspense when starting the game.

Z Escape Mod

You will get extremely useful features when you download the Z Escape game Mod version. You will own an unlimited amount of money to spend freely. In this game, the old gas is also an important part. To decide your victory or defeat in each game screen. Expensive weapons will be more advanced and increase in strength. Make it easier for you to kill your opponents. The unlimited money feature will help you can shop for everything comfortably. You don’t have to accumulate little by little to buy the guns of your dreams.

Download Z Escape Mod APK 2.1.3 (Free upgrade)

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