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Survival Games: Zombie Mod opens a fierce battle for survival after the apocalypse. The game belongs to the Action category and is published by Joy Blitz Game. You are one of the lucky survivors, need to find a way to continue to survive. Facing a lot of dangers around, with shortages of food and water. Quickly collect and craft weapons, to prepare for a dramatic and fierce battle with Zombies.

Download Z Shelter Survival Mod – Post-Apocalyptic Survival War

Survival Games: Zombie Mod brings a compelling storyline. Set from Earth, which was once a peaceful place for all living things, including humans. But a disaster has struck, humans become zombies. Caused by a strange disease, they turn people into Zombies. Soon after, the disease spread widely, causing everything to fall into chaos. Join the game, you play the role of a survivor. Accompanying you is a dog raised since childhood. You appear when you don’t have anything inside. Facing a chaotic world, surrounded by zombies. You will have to find ways to survive and escape the danger.Download Z Shelter Survival Mod

Make use of some old stuff

As soon as you enter Survival Games: Zombie Mod you will appear in a house. Here are full of furniture and tools, but they were destroyed by Zombie. At the initial stage, you don’t have anything in hand, so use this abandoned house as a shelter. It’s pretty safe, you can organize and improve into a solid base. At the same time, make use of the equipment in the room to survive the Zombie pandemic. Just a few simple steps you can fix them.

Build bases and monitor the health

Survival Games: Zombies collect stones and wood to craft survival tools. Collect resources to build a strong base. This is quite important because you can not wander forever on dangerous lands. The base will be a place for you to rest and gain strength to fight. Besides, keep an eye on the character’s health. If exhausted, your character will die. So, in addition to collecting materials to make tools, you also have to find food to energize your character.Game Z Shelter Survival Mod

Weapon Crafting

If you want to survive in the world of Survival Games: Zombie Mod you need to learn how to protect yourself. The danger is unpredictable, the Zombies can attack at any time. So you need to learn how to make weapons to make combat tools. Using the weapon in your hand, you will feel more confident and secure. Especially when attacked by zombies or wild animals, instead of running away, you can face them. However, in some cases, running away will be the appropriate solution so that you do not lose your life. Also, make an outfit to keep your body warm from the cold.

Beware of other players

The post-apocalyptic world is not only you who are lucky to survive. There are still others lucky to escape danger like you, they are also looking for a way to survive. In the process of searching for ingredients and food, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with them. It is even possible to exchange goods and necessary items. However, in a harsh world like Survival Games: Zombie Mod, not everyone is a good person. Some people are willing to kill you to take away the resources that you worked so hard to collect. Likewise, you can rob other people of resources, by attacking them. But be aware of their level, if you accidentally encounter someone with a higher level, you will be in danger.Tai Z Shelter Survival Mod

Explore new lands

Over time, resources will decrease. Therefore, you need to expand the area of ​​​​activity, by exploring new lands. Z Shelter Survival Mod allows you to build moving vehicles. But be careful with the Zombie names, they will quickly discover your location through the sound of cars. However, if you want to have more resources, you need to trade danger, even at the cost of your life.Z Shelter Survival Mod

The graphics of Survival Games: Zombie Mod are part of making the game more attractive. Built on a sharp 3D platform, the image quality is realistic and vivid. The effect of day and night is changed according to a certain time, along with the harshness of the weather. Not stopping there, the character creation is meticulously designed, with flexible actions. Combined with the sound quality is clearly shown through every step or any action of the character. Give players a feeling of authenticity and excitement when participating.

Download Survival Games: Zombie Mod APK 1.2.29 (Menu, Fast Travel)

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