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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Currently, the development of technology leads to the advent of games with vivid and sharp 3D graphics. The MOBA gamers also quickly caught and responded to a large number of people. The rest of the 2D games seem to be forgotten. However, there are still a number of games that have been enthusiastically supported by the brothers. Including ZENONIA 5, a role-playing game that has been released for a long time, but still has been supported by many and enthusiastic supporters. So we will together see what this game has that makes you pursue so much. This game tells the story of a kingdom with the fierce competition of the ruling powers in the kingdom. The war happened on a large, explosive scale that affected other kingdoms. You are one of the heroes in that kingdom.

Download ZENONIA 5 Mod – Transform into a hero, extinguish all conflicts

ZENONIA 5 Mod gives players a feeling of courage, resilience, mighty, heroic, indomitable. When standing in the middle of a world where everything is turned upside down. Things are gradually getting mixed up. You will have to fight to protect your family and your kingdom’s survival. Of course, you alone cannot do this campaign. So look for your teammates. Together and fight together. That way, you can get a higher winning rate. Choose for yourself a favorite character, then practice and learn their skills. Launch exclusive attacks to help you take down all enemies. The system also gives you special weapons to help you deal with hordes of monsters. Winning you will receive extremely valuable rewards.

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Characters and upgrades

The system gives you the main character for you to choose from, including Gladiators, knights, heroes, knights. Depending on the preferences of each person, you can choose the character that suits your personality. There is one common feature of these characters that they are mysterious characters and extremely powerful. However, each character will also have an attribute, a skill. You need to be informed about each masterpiece in order to maximize its power. Besides, the system also allows players to upgrade their characters. When it comes to a higher level, this upgrade is quite important. Increases attack power and defense ability for your character.

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Items & equipment

Equipment and items are indispensable essentials of each character. You need to equip your character with weapons such as Knife, sword, ax, gun, skills, etc … Of course, each character will have an attribute, a skill. But you can only bring certain skills, not all of them. ZENONIA 5’s item system is also quite diverse. It is divided according to the degree of rarity. The types of precious items, the quantity will be very little, and especially the selling price is also very high. In the process of fighting, your equipment may be damaged, reducing its strength. The system will allow you to repair or restore functions easily. In addition, there is some equipment that requires your character to reach certain levels to be able to own it.


As far as I can see, Hack ZENONIA 5 has graphics and images that are not too different from ZENONIA version 4. Still running on a fairly classic 2D graphics platform and is not very sharp. But in this version, the game publisher has renewed the design, creating a new thing for the game. The color of the game has also been changed to brighter, more colorful, and more prominent. The effects when using the move are extremely beautiful. In addition, we also have to win a compliment for the sound quality of the game. For the most part, the sound has contributed to the unique and interesting character of the game.

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ZENONIA 5 participates in the game transforming into mighty warriors, fighting against evil, Practicing daily with their characters, weapons, and teammates. You will become a true hero of the kingdom. Participate in fierce battles. Destroy all evil people who are plotting to destroy the kingdom. Download now ZENONIA 5 Mod transforms into heroes who bring peace to the kingdom. Destroy all ruling forces.

Download ZENONIA 5 Mod APK 1.2.9 (Free Shopping)

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