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Update October 5, 2021 (2 years ago)

Zombie Combat Simulator Mod is a simulation game. Provided by the publisher Airblade Studio. The game is designed in the style of shooting. Simulate a post-apocalyptic world, with dramatic battles. Your enemies are none other than zombies. A lot of zombies appear all over the city. From public areas to inside high-rise buildings. Wherever you are, you will encounter their frenzied onslaught. Use the equipped gun, combine your own fighting skills. Kill all zombies to save lives, as well as rescue people. The game is combined with survival elements, in a harsh environment. Before you want to complete the assigned task, you need to learn how to protect yourself.

Download Zombie Combat Simulator Mod – Use Equipped Guns To Kill Zombies

The gameplay of Zombie Combat Simulator Mod is designed to be expanded. In a large city, you can move freely on the map. However, danger can come at any time. If you are not careful, you can easily die in this scary city. The zombies are the main enemy you have to face. With a scary appearance, especially a bloodthirsty face. They will rush to attack every time they detect you. Faced with the undead, you have no choice but to fight. Use the equipped gun, fire continuously to destroy. Combine flexible movement to run away from the pursuit of zombies. Or attack while moving to protect yourself, as well as destroy the enemy. A series of challenges that you have to overcome. Constantly cultivating experience and fighting skills is essential.Download Zombie Combat Simulator Mod

Sandbox mode

The most outstanding feature of Zombie Combat Simulator Mod is the sandbox mode. Here, you can design your own combat unit in your own style. Can decide the weapon to use, the amount of health and defense ability. In particular, this mode also allows you to change the rules of the game. That means the gameplay will be changed the way you want. For example, a combat force appears, supporting you during the battle. Or zombies can automatically appear in many different locations. Along with the time to complete the mission, the victory or defeat conditions of each battle. Besides, the game also provides a few rules for you to choose from. Saves you time to customize, can play according to the available rules.Ear Zombie Combat Simulator Mod

Multiplayer mode

Besides the sandbox mode, Zombie Combat Simulator Mod also provides many other modes for you to explore. Here, you are not alone fighting alone. Can participate in multiplayer mode to fight with teammates. In this mode, you have 3 different game modes. Play online mode, with other online players fighting together. Or through the LAN to form a team with friends. Accompany in zombie battles. More than that, compete in dramatic shooting battles. Show your shooting skills, combine combat experience to take down your opponents. Finally, play the game offline. Fight with zombies, improve personal skills. Use guns flexibly for confidence in online battles.Zombie Combat Simulator Mod

3D environments, effects, and sounds

Zombie Combat Simulator Mod uses a third-person perspective. Allows you to track the actions of the character, as well as easily observe the surrounding environment. With sharp 3D graphic design. The map of the game is recreated in an extremely realistic city. The battles in the buildings and basements are very interesting. But no less fear and suspense. Along with the blood effect when you shoot the zombies. Blood will splatter around, on walls or floors. Combine with dark spaces in rooms without lights. Everything in front of your eyes can only be felt through the sound of walking zombies. Or some light-reflecting object appears in a dark environment. Besides, the realistic sound is expressed through gunfire. Along with the footsteps of characters and zombies.Game Zombie Combat Simulator Mod

The control interface of Zombie Combat Simulator Mod is quite simple. Fixed positions on the screen. Easy to use, can perform appropriate operations. Move, shoot or control the character to perform different activities. Everything is not too complicated. Even if you just joined, after only a short time, you can use it flexibly. Besides, during the battle. You can observe the minimap, displayed in the left corner of the screen. From there will know the current position, as well as observe the directions around. Or easily detect enemies through red dots.

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