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Update October 6, 2021 (2 years ago)

Zombie Objective Mod revolves around the battle to protect the city from Zombie names. You are a member of the most elite fighting force. The mission is to destroy the zombies moving in the city. With the goal of protecting human civilization, helping people to be safe. At the same time collect equipment, provide supplies for snipers. Go on zombie hunts and make them die one more time. The game is designed with open gameplay, in the process of fighting, you can move freely. Attack zombies in your own style, from melee to long distance. Depending on the current situation, attack the enemy accurately. From there you will complete the mission of a soldier.

Download Zombie Objective Mod – Kill Zombies To Protect City Safe

The gameplay of Zombie Objective Mod has an action shooting style. However, you can use melee weapons to perform attacks at close range. Your enemies are zombies, they appear all over the map. Every time they detect you, zombies will rush to attack. At this point, you quickly use the gun to attack from a distance. Limit to zombies approaching, this will put you in danger. At the same time move flexibly to actively hunt for zombies. Look for them in various locations in the city. Fire bullets to destroy them. Or use swords to create sharp slashes, causing zombies to split in half.Game Zombie Objective Mod

Use support tools

Don’t just use guns or swords to attack Zombies. In Zombie Objective Mod you can carry secondary weapons such as grenades, bombs, mines, and first aid boxes. These are tools you can use to support yourself in urgent situations. For example, throw a bomb when zombies gather close together in large numbers. Causes them to lose a certain amount of health, moreover, be destroyed. Use mines to place in places where zombies often appear. As soon as they touch, the mines will automatically explode. Or when your health is about to run out, you can use the first aid box to heal. Help you continue the fight with the zombies.Zombie Objective Mod

Face 12 types of Zombies, fight bosses

In the city defense battle of Zombie Objective Mod. You will have to face 12 different types of Zombies. Typical are fast-moving zombies, smoking zombies, fire zombies, armored zombies. Or rage zombies, mutant zombies, and especially boss fights. Each type of zombie is designed with a scary appearance. Bring many different attack styles. As well as the ability to withstand damage is also different. Especially when fighting bosses, you can’t just focus on fighting, because they are very strong. Has durable defense and a huge amount of health. If you want to win, you need to use tactics. Throw grenades and move while attacking. Only then can you defeat them to continue fighting with other zombies.Ear Zombie Objective Mod

There are 7 game modes

Zombie Objective Mod provides players with diverse game modes. Includes 7 modes such as sniper, guard, survival, defense, attack, rally, and boss fight. Each mode is designed with different gameplay and its own rules. For example, in sniper mode, you use the gun to shoot enemies from a long distance. Shoot accurately to take down enemies with just one bullet. Survival mode puts you in intense, dramatic battles. There is the only one way to destroy all zombies to save lives. Or defense mode, with the task of protecting an area in the city, not to let zombies invade. Especially the boss fight mode is one of the most difficult stages. No matter what mode you join. After completing the mission, you will receive bonuses and loot.Dowload Zombie Objective Mod

Weapons are one of the main tools for you to fight zombies. At Zombie Objective Mod there are many different weapons for you to choose from. They are divided into two categories including guns and melee weapons. As for guns, there are a total of 21 modern guns, designed in a futuristic style. Typically sniper rifles, shotguns, heavy machine guns, long guns, etc. Besides, you can equip a number of melee weapons such as swords, axes, crowbars, machetes, etc. Each type of weapon Gas requires an amount of money to unlock. Use bonuses earned after completing missions. You can choose a suitable weapon to participate in the war. In addition, equipping a set of armor will help you increase your defense. Can withstand large amounts of damage from enemies.

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