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Update October 7, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Zombies Ranch Mod brings players into the battle of post-apocalyptic zombies. Accompanied by the people in the village, this is considered the last fortress. With the mission to resist the onslaught of zombies. Using equipped weapons, kill all Zombies before they destroy your village. The highlight of the game is the tactical shooting element. Unlike other Zombie fighting games, they can only attack by moving closer to you. Here, Zombie is equipped with powerful guns. They move to the village with a certain distance. Attacks people, with the goal of destroying the village.

Download Zombies Ranch Mod – Bomb War With Zombies To Protect The Village

The game is developed by the publisher Octo Land with attractive defensive gameplay. Each battle of Zombies Ranch Mod is divided into 2 factions including the offensive side and the defensive side. Your enemies are Zombies, belonging to the attacking faction. Your village is on the defensive side, subject to attack from the enemy. Your task is to accompany the people in the village. Use guns to destroy Zombies until the last moment. Not only a few zombies, but you also have to face a large army. Requires strong tactics and equipment to withstand their attacks. The war only ends when the village passes the last wave of Zombie attacks. Or it can end sooner if the village is destroyed in the fight against Zombies.Download Zombies Ranch Mod

Fascinating storyline

The content of Zombies Ranch Mod revolves around the battles to protect the village. However, the cause of the war stemmed from a black magician. Before being killed by daylight, he placed a dark curse on the village. Causing all the people to die in the light. For the purpose of erasing the village from the map. There were many people who did not believe until the zombies appeared. Under the light of the sun, they attacked the village with dangerous weapons. At this time, people began to realize death if they did not quickly find a way to break the curse. They had decided to gather as a team entrenched in the village. Using guns as a combat weapon, destroy all those who dare to come near your village.Ear Zombies Ranch Mod

Use items of power, appropriate tactics

In Zombies Ranch Mod you play a very important role. Be the leader of all the people to fight the zombies. Therefore, it is very important to come up with a suitable strategy for the war situation. Equip high-damage guns to entrench in the house. Use cannons, missiles, or tunnel bombs to attack the enemy in times of need. It is even possible to use the powers of nature. Like thunder, tornadoes, fireballs, or freeze to deal massive area damage. Causes a large number of enemies to be destroyed. However, in a fight, you can only bring some items. With a limited number, you need to calculate and use it sparingly. Take precautions when necessary and not available to use. That will put the village in danger, even being destroyed by the Zombies.Zombies Ranch Mod

Lots of unique guns

Besides fighting with Zombies, weapons are the main factor for you to attack and protect the village. With a series of modern guns provided by Zombies Ranch Mod. You can choose and equip the people in the village to kill Zombies. For example machine guns, shotguns, pistols, rifles, or revolvers. And there are many other guns waiting for you to discover. Each gun requires the corresponding amount to unlock. You need to use the money accumulated from previous battles to buy. Equipping people with advanced guns will help them easily destroy the enemy.Game Zombies Ranch Mod

Diverse Zombie system

Zombie is one of the factors that make the audience satisfied when participating in the game Zombies Ranch Mod. With a diverse Zombie system, carrying many different weapons and roles. For example, Muscular Zombie, with a muscular body, uses dumbbells as a weapon. Police zombies, use guns as an attack weapon. Or zombies riding bicycles, use explosive grenades to destroy the village. You will even have to face Zombie cowboys, riding on the back of a warhorse. Move very quickly to the village to destroy. And there are many other unknown Zombies. You need to destroy them all to keep the village safe.

Zombies Ranch Mod is a very dramatic survival battle. Combined with sharp 3D graphics, along with top combat effects. As shown when the player uses power items such as nuclear explosions, meteors fall from the sky. The shape of Zombie is extremely impressive with many different looks. Besides, the vivid sound is played throughout the battle. Gives you a feeling of excitement, being immersed in the brutal bomb wars.

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